Feb 15, 2010

It’s No Mirage

Jim FletcherBy Jim Fletcher

I was interviewed this week by a French writer who’s completing work on a Ph.D. A follow-up project is a book based on her dissertation, focusing on the pro Israel community. Her particular interest in me centered on Christian Zionism (of which I consider myself a proud, card-carrying member).

I was extremely encouraged that this writer wishes to bring a subject largely unknown to the French people to them in a way they can understand.

Her questions were insightful; she had clearly done her homework. She even understood the difference in worldviews between Christian Zionists and the Emergent crowd.

It all reminded me that the French haven’t always been at odds with Israel. After all, French-made Mirage jets have helped the Israelis defend themselves, perhaps most dramatically in the Six Day War.

My new friend seemed particularly interested in predictive prophecy. Specifically, she “got” the implications of my favorite phrase of all-time, “The Jews have re-entered history.” The presence of Jewish homes in the Land of Israel today is no mirage.

“The Jews have re-entered history” is the silver bullet we can use against the werewolves who stalk Israel.

One of the more relevant subjects we discussed during the interview was the fact that both the pro Israel and anti-Israel camps are growing stronger. I consider this to be significant. At least since 1967, evangelicals have become Israel’s best friends. Yet in the last few years, we see a flexing of muscle from those “evangelicals” who in their hearts wish Israel harm. They talk a good game, even being clever enough to mention a concern for Israel’s security. But when one in the next breath expresses support for a Palestinian state — which directly threatens Israel’s security — we know who is being disingenuous.

Still, I see hope in certain quarters. Not all of Europe is anti-Semitic. Important voices are showing strong support for the Jews. And I have made new friends as well in Central and South America. Likewise, support exists in Canada, South Africa, and Australia.

What we need now is for people everywhere to maintain a focus on Israel’s security. For example, the IDF recently foiled an attempt by five Hamas terrorists to kidnap another Israeli soldier. Where we see, for example, Americans being soft on Hamas, cite specific examples of their terrorist activity. My good friend, Yehudit Barsky of the American Jewish Congress, is an expert on this terrorist group, including its hatred for the United States.

We have a situation now where the head of the Hamas snake, Khaled Mashaal, is saying that the next war with Israel will not be limited to Gaza, but will engulf the entire region. He also “stressed” that Hamas does not want war; this tactic has been employed by other mass-murderers, including Hitler.

Of course they want war. Hamas and other terror groups fervently want to kill Jews and liquidate the Jewish state. It is in their literature, in their speeches, and in their actions.

A publishing friend of mine is preparing to release a book on Hamas, and overall Palestinian terrorism. He has been advised by people who know that a fatwa can be declared, thus endangering him and those around him. A fatwa, of course, is a “hit” ordered by an imam, many of whom glory in the concept of jihad.

My friend won’t pull the project. This kind of attitude is needed as we all confront the ultimate bully, Islamic terrorism.

It is why one hopes, with a great hope, that people heretofore on the fence — such as the French — will get in the game.

The mirage is real; Israel is here, a grain of sand rubbing her enemies the wrong way. The irritation grows, itself a dramatic fulfillment of predictive prophecy.

Israel can use all the friends she can get.

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