Jan 21, 2010

Mark Hitchcock on Bible Codes Revealing 2012

Nathan JonesBy Nathan Jones

Do secret codes in the Bible reveal the world will end in 2012?

Dr. David Reagan and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Mark Hitchcock on the show Christ in Prophecy. Mark is a leading Bible prophecy expert, prolific author who has penned over 20 books on the end times, senior pastor of Faith Bible Church located in Oklahoma, and adjunct faculty member of the Dallas Theological Seminary. He is also a much in demand speaker at Bible prophecy conferences all over the nation.

Dr. Hitchcock was invited to answer questions based on a book he has just published about the widespread speculation and even hysteria that the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012. The book is titled 2012: The Bible and the End of the World.

Bible Codes Revealing 2012

Dr. Hitchcock: Bible codes was a huge phenomenon a few years ago with a lot of flurry. All the Hebrew letters in the first five books of the Old Testament were searched using what is called "Equal Distant Letter Sequencing" for clues. It is much easier to sequence in Hebrew because you don't have vowels.

The sequencing or the skips over sequential letters can be up to 500 letters! Eventually you'd make some kind of word sequence.

So, these codes are found hidden in there. The problem with the technique is that it has been used on Moby Dick and War and Peace with the same results as when using the Bible.

There are a lot of problems with Bible codes, and I talk about those a lot in my book 2012. One of the problems is that Jesus didn't ever use this method. You have to use computers to find Bible codes, which means this was hidden to people before the advent of computers. Another problem with Bible codes to me is that it looks like an exercise in Monday morning quarterbacking. The codes come along and tell you things only after the events have already taken place.

Back in 2006 when Michael Drosnin wrote the original Bible Code book, he said 2006 was going to be a time of nuclear holocaust, or Armageddon. Well, it didn't happen. Now in Bible Code 2 he says he found the code "2012 Earth annihilated." But, he already made these big predictions for 2006 that didn't happen. So, again, it is like Nostradamus and these others — they come up dry and they're wrong, but they want us to believe the next prophecy.

It's like the fellow who wrote the pamphlet "88 Reasons Why Jesus is Coming Back in 1988," and then when that didn't come to pass he wrote another one called "89 Reasons Why He is Coming Back in 1989." Neither one of those books are selling too well today either, by the way.

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