Oct 9, 2009

The Nobel Farce

David ReaganBy David Reagan

Once again the Norwegian Nobel Committee has surprised the world with its Peace Prize Award by granting it to President Barack Obama. Keep in mind this is the same group that gave the award to Al Gore in 2007 and Jimmy Carter in 2002.

What was Al Gore’s accomplishment? The production of a documentary film that propagandized the myth that global warming is due to carbon emissions. Big deal!

And Jimmy Carter? Well, the worst president of the 20th Century distinguished himself as a rabid anti-Semite, a vociferous America-basher, and a gushing tyrant-lover.

And then, of course, there was the worst Nobel Peace Prize of all of them — the one awarded in 1994 to the world’s leading terrorist, Yassar Arafat, a modern-day Hitler. When that occurred, I lost all respect for the Nobel Committee and their meaningless prize.

So, why would the Committee award President Obama the Peace Prize when he has been in office only nine months and has no notable accomplishments on the international scene? There are several reasons:

  1. The President has engaged in America-bashing everywhere he has spoken in the world, as if this nation is the world’s greatest threat to peace, when, in actuality, we have always been the world’s best defender of freedom.
  2. The President has denounced the “Lone Ranger” foreign policy mentality of the Bush Administration, a foreign policy that rightfully put this nation’s interests first and successfully protected us from terrorist attacks for seven years.
  3. The President has praised the immoral values of European law and has expressed a desire to align our laws with those values.
  4. The President has committed himself to instituting domestic reforms that would undermine Capitalism and produce a mirror-image of the failed Socialist economies of Europe.
  5. The President has taken every opportunity to praise the ungodly and violent religion of Islam.
  6. The President has made it clear that he is willing to abandon Israel for the sake of “peace” in the Middle East.
  7. The President has indicated that he is willing to surrender American sovereignty to international organizations.
No wonder the world is enthralled with him and cheering him. No wonder the world desires to give him encouragement.

But his day of reckoning is coming. His terrible mis-management of our economy will catch up with him as unemployment continues to mount and the dollar continues its dive in value. Most important, he is going to suffer the wrath of God on the international scene due to his mis-treatment of Israel.

In short, we are headed for disaster on both the national and international scenes, so the President had better enjoy the world’s spotlight now before all the lights go out.

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