Oct 9, 2009

The Nobel Appeasement Prize

Bill WilsonBy Bill Wilson

And the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize goes to - drum roll please - the man who occupies the Oval Office. Yes, you read me right, OOO has won the Nobel Peace Prize. April Fools Day has come six months early for some, six months late for others. The Nobel prize is now officially on the list of grand political jokes. They say he won it because of reaching out to the Muslim world, banning interrogation techniques that might be considered torture, promoting peace by bringing a new global monetary policy to the nations, and deciding not to deploy missiles in Europe. He also has made a public commitment to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But Americans may find OOO's actions far less peace oriented. Perhaps a new name for the Nobel prize is in order - the Nobel Appeasement Prize. If this were the case, OOO would win hands down in a way that would engender an all-knowing smile from Neville Chamberlain emanating from his eternal post in the depths of the pit of Hades.

Appeasing the Muslim world with a landmark speech in Cairo to a bulk group of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers; extending the olive branch to the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism in Iran; threatening the peace loving state of Israel that its American ally's efforts against Iranian nuclear proliferation is tied directly to Israel's acceptance of a Palestinian terrorist state; releasing terrorists into society by closing the terrorist prison in Cuba; restoring diplomatic relations with the second foremost sponsor of terrorism, Syria; scuttling a planned defensive missile program in Poland and the Czech Republic that was designed to defend against a future terrorist missile launch from Iran; Ignoring general's advice by understaffing the military in Afghanistan while brave American soldiers are dying in increasing attacks by terrorists; yielding the sovereignty of the American economy to the International Monetary Fund; supporting a dictator for life wannabe in Honduras over its Constitutional Republic; banning mission critical terrorist identification and tracking techniques...

As an American, I do not feel too peaceful about the actions of this administration. Sources I have interviewed who are involved or were involved in national security say that the Islamic terrorist network is emboldened by the actions of this White House and that by banning some very critical terrorist monitoring practices, it is now not a question of "if" a terrorist strike will occur on American soil, but "when."

The question of King David should be welling up in every American's heart from Psalm 94:16,

"Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?"
Appeasement is not peace. And only fools believe peace is about giving in or siding with evil.

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