Sep 15, 2009

Signs from the DC Tea Party

Dr. Chuck MisslerBy Dr. Chuck Missler

On Saturday, September 12, thousands upon thousands of Americans marched in Washington DC to exercise their First Amendment rights and protest deficit spending and government-run health care. Estimates of protestors ran from tens of thousands up to over a million, all who showed up to throw their tea into the Capitol fountain – metaphorically speaking.

“Don’t Tread on Me” flags were particularly popular as protestors marched down Pennsylvania from Freedom Plaza near the White House to the tea party rally at the Capitol building. Below is a partial list of the wide variety of slogans that plastered the signs and banners waving in the September afternoon. Serious or good-humored, these signs speak for themselves in describing the sentiments of a significant portion of America’s population:

  • In God We Trust, Not Government
  • I am here because I love America
  • Standard of Liberty: In honor of our God and religion, in defense of our Freedom, Peace, Home and Family.
  • No child left a dime.
  • Keep us a sovereign nation
  • We’re not Astroturf.
  • Dissent is still patriotic
  • Liberate, don’t regulate.
  • Obama is a clunker.
  • I am 1 representing 68 patriots. Can you hear me now?
  • Change: This is a 1st-time protestor
  • Stop enslaving our children.
  • Nobody paid me to be here.
  • I’ll keep my freedom, my guns, my health care, my money. You keep the change.
  • Somewhere in Chicago, somebody is missing a community organizer.
On Taxation:
  • Stop Taxing My Freedom
  • Born free, taxed to death.
  • Dead people may vote, but they don’t pay taxes.
  • Don’t drink the tea or they’ll tax your pee.
To Congress:
  • Hey Congress, try reading the 10th amendment.
  • Politicians, beware 2010 and 2012
  • You can’t fix stupid, but you can be voted out.
  • Hey Congress, stop spending, borrowing, and printing $$$
  • Repeal what you have not read.
  • Go Green: Recycle Congress.
  • Congress shall make no law without reading it first.
  • Drug test Congress.
  • Hey Congress, don’t read this, just sign: “I __________ do hereby resign. Signed ___________.”
On Government Spending:
  • We the people are not your ATM. Neither are our children and grandchildren.
  • Give me liberty, not debt
  • Obama’s Change = all that’s left in our pockets
  • Stop Spending $$$$ you don’t have
  • Bail out the Free Market
  • Hide OUR Checkbook.
  • Your pork broke my piggy bank.
  • 1 trillion seconds ago is = to 31,709 years! 1 trillion dollars ago is only weeks with Obama. Do the math.
  • Stop this insanity. We’re already bankrupt.
  • Stop the deficit spending! Can’t you balance a checkbook?
On The Czars:
  • Republics Don’t have czars
  • We Don’t Need No Stinkin Czars
  • America: More czars than Russia
  • Ali Bama and the 40 czars
  • “Freedom Czar”
On Health Care:
  • Grandma’s not shovel-ready.
  • Obama Lies, Grandma Dies
  • Sell your boat and pay for your own health care
  • Mr. President we do not believe you.
  • Think of their track record. Having government manage your healthcare is like having Michael Vick watch your dog.
Ronald Reagan Tribute:
  • In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem. – Ronald Reagan
Ayn Rand Tributes:
  • Who is John Galt?
  • “Every government interferences in the economy consists of giving unearned benefit extorted by force to some men at the expense of others.” - Ayn Rand
On Socialism/Communism:
  • McCarthy was right then and he’s right now
  • Oh I see, “change” actually means “socialism”
  • Spread my work ethic, not my money.
  • In America, we don’t redistribute $, we earn it.
  • Obama is Kenyan for “socialism.”
On Cap and Trade:
  • Cap and Trade is Tax and Raid.
  • Cap Spending and Trade‘em.
  • Stop Cap and Trade. To this Congress, it’ll be like giving kids cocaine, alcohol, and the keys to the car
A more cheerful, friendly, polite mob one could never hope to find. Even around the porta-potties (77 by our count) where the lines were 15-20 people deep, those waiting engaged in friendly chatter with one another. Then, after the march was done and people began to leave, their trash did not litter the street, but was piled neatly in and against the city’s garbage bins.

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