Sep 8, 2009

Iran, Oil and the Collapse of the Western World

L.A. MarzulliBy L.A. Marzulli

Hope you all had a rest from your “labors.” I had three days off and it was well spent doing nothing. However things are happening in the Middle East and so that will be the subject of today’s blog. It seems to me that the seething cauldron, that is the Middle East might be ready to boil over. Let me explain why. As I have blogged about and written in my News Magazine, Iran is close to achieving Nuclear club status. In other words they may be a lot closer to obtaining the bomb, than the so-called experts believe.

What will they do with it, bomb Tel Aviv? Use it as an EMP (electro magnetic pulse weapon) and detonate it off the US coast over the mainland, which would render life as we know it a thing of the past, as cars, televisions, radios, toasters and pretty much everything else wouldn’t work. Essentially this would bring us back to where we were just before the Industrial Revolution.

With seemingly never ending threats against Israel, by Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, will Israel sit by and do nothing? Here are some scenarios to consider. If Israel goes after Iran, I believe Russia will throw her weight behind the Iranians. In all probability this would close the shipping lanes in the gulf and possibly drive oil prices well over the $200 figure that I predicted in a previous blog. I have heard the price of a barrel of oil under that scenario could reach $400. How would this affect our economy? Think major depression, that would rival what happened in the 30’s.

Another fact to consider is that it appears to me that the Ezekiel 38 scenario is closer than ever. One of the nations mentioned in the prophecy is Libya – how’s that for specificity – and our old nemesis Qaddfi-duck has recently been in the news again and is making overtures toward Iran. They share several things in common, their mutual hatred for Israel and they both are Islamic countries.

So let’s look at what is shaping up. Russia, Iran, Libya, are all countries mentioned in the Ezekiel prophecy and are now in bed together. Hezbollah is claiming to have chemical weapons and Syria is part of the mix as they are the funnel for weapons from Iran to Hezbollah. Then there’s the chatter about the illusive bogey man Osama bin Laden – it just amazes me that they can’t get this guy – who has been saying that he’s preparing a big surprise for the west that will please Allah. Has he got hold of a Pakistani Nuke? Maybe a Russian suit-case nuke? At any rate, the situation seems tense and we are very close to fall.

I still think something is coming in the fall and it’s not good. I have said before to get your house in order and without trying to sound sensationalistic, I would suggest that we all consider what we are facing. To close, think of the burgeoning UFO sightings, the H1N1 Flu shots, the instability of our economy, the bent toward socialism by the Obama administration, Russia on the move, Iraq and Afghanistan unstable at best and many countries on the verge of economic collapse.

There are wars and rumors of wars, disease and earthquakes, famine and tidal waves…. So the Guidebook to the Supernatural (the Bible) tells us that when we see these things begin to happen, look up because our freedom, redemption, liberation, is coming soon. Maranatha!

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