Sep 1, 2009

Dangerous White House Terror Strategy Encourages Islam at Expense of Israel

Bill WilsonBy Bill Wilson

On July 15, 2008, the man who now occupies the Oval Office (OOO) said he would bring the troops home from Iraq and focus on winning the war in Afghanistan. But eight months into the new Administration's prosecution of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it appears that the strategy is failing. August was the deadliest month for American soldiers since the Afghanistan war began eight years ago. Furthermore, the Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists may well be emboldened by news of troop withdrawal from Iraq and that the White House no longer is saying there is a war on terror.

On August 6, John Brennan, who heads the White House office of Homeland Security, told the Center for Strategic and International Studies that America is no longer fighting a "war on terrorism"; or "jihadists" or a "global war". Instead, he said the US is solely engaged in a war against al Qaeda. Brennan said that shifting the definition no longer implies that America is fighting a war against Islam, or against some religious struggle for a moral cause. The redefinition goes hand in hand with the White House's appeasement language toward Islam, outlined in OOO's landmark Cairo speech in June that quoted from the Quran and lied about Islam's contributions to society.

Collectively, the OOO appeasement strategy has been inextricably linked with unrelenting pressure on Israel to give in to Palestinian demands, which are also the demands of al Qaeda, the Taliban, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Islamic world - that Israel cease its settlements, allow establishment of a so-called Palestinian state that cuts Israel in two pieces with Jerusalem as its capital. And despite White House overtures to the Islamic world, the terrorists, as coordinated from Iran with the help of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and other state actors, have escalated death and destruction against the US in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This White House seems to think it understands the Muslim world because of OOO's Islamic upbringing. But however much hate there is between the Shiites and the Sunnis, together they hate Israel more. And what American leaders believe is war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Islamic leaders see as only pressure points bearing down on a greater cause - the annihilation of Israel and its ally the United States. By ignoring this basic truth of Islam, The White House is bringing both physical and spiritual destruction upon its citizens.

Jesus said in Matthew 6;24, "No man can serve two masters." Neither can this nation serve God by pressuring Israel and bowing to Satan by appeasing Islam.

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