Sep 12, 2009

Census Cuts Ties with ACORN

Jack KinsellaBy Jack Kinsella

Who said the entire government was corrupt? The Census Bureau, in the wake of yet another ACORN scandal, has cut ties with the community organizer’s group.

The Census Bureau earlier this year signed up the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, one of the nation’s largest community groups, as a national partner for the decennial census, a role that entails helping to publicize the importance of the count and encouraging people to participate.

In a letter to Acorn President Maude Hurd, Census Director Robert Groves said Acorn had become a distraction.

Acorn’s deputy national director, Brian Kettenring, said the organization won’t stop promoting the 2010 Census.

“We will continue to do what we’ve said we’ll do, which is encourage people in communities to participate fully in the census,” he said.
Acorn released a statement earlier Friday saying that the videos were made to “misinform the public about Acorn housing.”
“All Acorn housing staff members undergo rigorous training and are expected to comply with high standards for ethical behavior and compliance with the law,” said president of Acorn Housing Alton Bennett and Executive Director Mike Shea.
ACORN was probably astonished to discover that prostitution was illegal.

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