Jul 2, 2009

White House Propaganda Machine Exposed By CBS and Helen Thomas

Bill Wilson
By Bill Wilson

The Administration's deceptive push for nationalized healthcare is yet another play to control all aspects of American life. ABC News was first recognized as part of a new "state run" media partnership when it aired its so-called town hall meeting on socialized medicine from the White House without allowing any dissenting opinion whatsoever. Then the New York Times and CBS News released a poll that showed overwhelming support by Americans for socialized healthcare. Only problem was that the poll sample was skewed in favor of those who would support socialized medicine - supporters of the man who occupies the Oval Office (OOO).

Then a town hall meeting was held by the White House in Annandale, Va., to put a "human face" on why socialized medicine is needed. The questions and the guests were pre-selected by the White House to control the message. The lady used as a prop to promote socialized medicine was a volunteer for the Democratic presidential campaign. This shameless manipulation of public opinion by a heavy handed White House is wearing very thin on the national press corps. In fact, media lapdogs of the White House are starting to turn into watchdogs because of the unprecedented media control.

CBS White House reporter Chip Reid asked Press Secretary Robert Gibbs why the guest list and the questions were so tightly controlled for a public meeting on healthcare. Gibbs danced around the question several times wanting to answer it after the healthcare meeting to see if Reid still thought the questions were pre-selected. Reid said,
"The concept of a town hall, I think, is to have an open public forum, and this sounds like a very tightly controlled audience and a list of questions."
Veteran White House Correspondent Helen Thomas chimed in,
"we have never had that in the White House."
Later she said,
"It's shocking. It's really shocking."
Both reporters said that the White House was trying to control the media as a way of "controlling the public." AP wrote in its story after the so-called town hall meeting,
"Some of [sic OOO's] questioners Wednesday were from friendly sources, including a member of the Service Employees International Union and a member of Health Care for America Now, which organized a Capitol Hill rally last week calling for an overhaul."
To date, AP, CBS, and Helen Thomas have been rubber stamping every message the White House wished to give to the public. Now, even the most ardent lapdogs of the White House are questioning its motives.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you."

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