Jul 22, 2009

White House Has Delivered Its Promise to Remake America

Bill Wilson
By Bill Wilson

The man who occupies the Oval Office (OOO) will hold a news conference to give an impassioned plea for the American people to support socialized medicine that forces government healthcare upon the people, tax funded abortion, politically appointed healthcare tribunals and opens the door to euthanizing our senior citizens. No matter how this is explained, it is socialized medicine that takes healthcare choices out of the hands of private individuals and puts them into the control of an overreaching federal government. It is a bad thing. It is an evil and immoral attempt by the government to fund killing both the pre-born and the elderly, while controlling most every other aspect of private lives.

In addition to the high pressure televised scare tactics OOO will use to try to convince people that socialized healthcare is good for them, he also will give a report on the six month progress of his administration. He will say that due to his administration's aggressive action that the economy will be saved. He will say that while unemployment is going up, and the economy he inherited will take a long time to heal, that America is on the right track. He will tout that most everything he promised during the campaign - economic stimulus, climate control, nationalized healthcare, hate crimes, nuclear reduction, improved relations with Islamic nations, and more - has been either accomplished or put on track.

OOO has delivered his agenda successfully to the American people. His attempt to "remake" America, as he promised, is well on the way. Trouble is, it is destroying the economy, appeasing America's enemies, weakening America's defenses, stepping on the Constitutional rights of citizens and strapping future generations with debt never before seen in the history of mankind. Rights regarding freedom of religion, freedom of speech, bearing arms, privacy, life, liberty, and property ownership are being violated on a daily basis. This nation in six months has been set on a fast track to socialism, which will destroy everything that made it great.

When one thinks of America in historical perspective, one thinks of freedom. It has been the rugged individualism of the American that has not only kept all generations of Americans free, but those around the world who also desired it. And it was the Christian values either closely held by Americans or subscribed to by American citizens that blessed this nation with God's divine protection, His goodwill, His anointing as the standard-bearer of what was good and right in the world. Americans were known for standing up for what was right. Now are they to be known for submitting in fear to the evils of humanism? Ephesians 6:13 says to take up the full armor of God, "and having done all, to stand" Are you ready to stand?

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