Jul 8, 2009

Throwing America Under the Bus Foreign Policy

Bill Wilson
By Bill Wilson

The man who occupies the Oval Office (OOO) was likely eaten alive politically and diplomatically by the journeymen sharks of Russia's leadership. Its an easy conclusion to come to. Former KGB head and current "dictator behind the scenes" Vladimir Putin told the Russian news agency, TASS,
"We had a very detailed and amicable meeting and found many points of contact."
Among them were tentative agreements on US arms transit through Russia to Afghanistan, reduction in nuclear arms, and an agreement to work together in "responding to the challenge of ballistic missile proliferation" - meaning, the US caved on its missile defense system for Poland and the Czech Republic.

On the issue of nuclear arms reduction, Russia also won a major concession. While both sides agreed to reduce the number of nuclear warheads, Putin cunningly got agreement that the US would reduce the number of delivery vehicles. This means, because US delivery vehicles are dual-use airplanes, submarines and ships, that Putin got OOO to agree to reducing our air and naval capabilities under the pretense of reducing nuclear arms. If the US actually follows through with the agreement, there will be a significant reduction in America's entire defense capabilities. OOO also promised Putin to reconsider Russia's position regarding Georgia and the Ukraine.

Whenever you enter discussions with a long-time enemy with statements like "America is not perfect" and "The future does not belong to those who gather armies on a field of battle or bury missiles in the ground" you are ceding the negotiator's high ground to your opponent. Presidents Nixon and George W Bush knew how to deal with the Russian mindset - a thump on the chest and a firm hand with strong words. Backing into discussions by admitting up front weaknesses is never a good negotiating position. But there is an even greater problem. OOO was eager to reset Russian relations and develop an era of cooperation.

Russia has consistently supported sponsors of terrorism such as Syria and Iran - both of which have Biblical end time roles against Israel. And Russia is commonly identified as Gog in the Ezekiel 38 prophecy of leading Iran and Northern Africa against Israel. Ezekiel 38:18 says,
"And it shall come to pass at the same time when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord God, that my fury shall come up in my face."
Is it wise to strengthen Russia and show it favor knowing that it has been a traditional enemy of the United States and its weapons are aimed at America and its surrogates have taken aim against Israel?

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