Jul 20, 2009

Planning for Jihad on U.S. Soil

Doug Hagmann
By Doug Hagmann

The call for jihad and seditious takeover of the United States by Islam was made loud and clear yesterday in Chicago. The fundamentalist Islamic political party known as Hizb ut-Tahrir (America), or HTA, hosted a conference at the Hilton Hotel in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn yesterday. The attendees, dressed in traditional Muslim attire, were segregated by gender according to the oppressive tenets of fundamentalist Islam. The women in attendance were covered from head to toe in fundamentalist Islamic attire, sat away from the men during the presentations.

While a small flurry of protesters gathered outside and across from the hotel and TV news crews gained only limited access to this threat to democracy and American values, a covert operative of the Northeast Intelligence Network successfully secured entry into this politically charged conference. According to this group’s leadership base in the U.S., present and speaking at the conference,
“the time is right to advance the goals and objectives [of HTA] across America.”
Those goals include the establishment of a worldwide Islamic state governed under Sharia law with a Muslim ruler. And, according to the group’s U.S. leaders as stated yesterday - information secured through surveillance conducted by the Northeast Intelligence Network, the political climate in the U.S. is ripe to actively and openly solicit the support of Muslims in the U.S. in the advancement of these global objectives.

The operative at the conference stated that the tenor of the meeting was...
“one continuous incendiary attack against capitalism, democracy, and Western values.”
Capitalism and democracy were described as evil, and Western values, Christianity, Judaism, and other non-Islamic beliefs as the antithesis of true Islam that must be “dealt with” in order to establish an Islamic Caliphate.

One unidentified event organizer stated that soldiers and supporters of Hizb ut-Tahrir have made significant progress in gaining political clout within the U.S. - an interesting claim considering that the group’s leadership had urged its members to sit out last year’s elections. It has been suggested by counter-terrorism researchers that Hizb ut-Tahrir is now entering the second or more public stage of their three-part strategy (Article link HERE).

Although the conference spokesman, Mohammed Malkawi, denied that his organization has or had any ties to terrorists or terror groups (calling the claims “absolutely baseless”) , it is well known that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Abu Zarqawi, and countless other Muslim terrorists were members of Hizb ut-Tahrir and promoted their doctrine. This group has been covertly developing a broad base of support in the U.S. and Canada for at least the last three decades. They have acted as the recruiting and indoctrination arm for al Qaeda, and are considered by some to be the visible political arm of al Qaeda and their ideology.

The presentations made at the conference were virulently anti-American and anti-Israel, with presenters criticizing the continuing U.S. and Israel alliance and U.S. involvement in Muslim countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan. It was stressed that Jihad is “the duty of every Muslim” to achieve complete domination and the implementation of a pure Muslim global state.

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