Jul 1, 2009

The End-Time Message of Bible Prophecy

Nathan Jones
By Nathan Jones

What is the end-time message of Bible prophecy? We asked Dr. Ed Hindson, President of World Prophetic Ministry and Bible teacher on "The King Is Coming" telecast, how he would answer this question.
"The message of Bible prophecy is really a two-sided message. The Book of Revelation tells us of a scroll in the hand of God the Father that's taken by Jesus Christ. He opens the seals on that scroll, reads the message, pronounces the judgments, and brings ultimately the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. That message on the outside of the scroll is the message to the world at large and the message to unbelievers is bad news — you lose. The message on the inside of the scroll is the message to the Church, and the message to the Church is good news — we win. Now that's as simple as you can make Bible prophecy. Ultimately, it's a message of hope for the believer; it's a message of judgment for the unbeliever.

But, I would remind you, prophecy is not written to scare us, prophecy is written to prepare us. It's not written to frighten us, it is written to invite us to come to Christ while there is hope and while there is time.

God shows you enough in Scripture about the future as He allows us to look down through the tunnel of time, down through the corridor of the fulfillment of prophecy, so that we would understand if God knows the future. God certainly knows my future. He knows all about me and He wants me to be ready ultimately to meet Him in that future.

The message of warning to the unbeliever is really written in love. It's written in the blood of Christ who went to the cross to die for your sins so that you might know the joy of Heaven and of everlasting life. So, that you might know that when the Archangel shouts and the trumpets sounds, and the Lord descends that you're ready to go when Jesus comes. Know Him as your personal Lord and Savior."
I would add that the message to the believer in Jesus is that you can trust God's promises. He promised to save you. He promised to take you to Heaven and avoid the terrible wrath He is going to pour out on the whole Earth for its continued rebellion against Him. And, He has promised to give you a future so amazing that you couldn't possibly imagine for all of eternity (1 Cor. 2:9). That's God's promises — that's Bible prophecy.

For the unbeliever, God has given you every sign possible to know that our time here on Earth is almost up. God has given us Israel back in the land, He has given us the Bible, the prophets, the missionaries — everything to tell us, "Hey, Jesus is coming back soon! Get right with Jesus. Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins and accept Him as your Savior."

It's not worth holding onto the unfulfilling and sinful pleasures of this world. Don't choose Hell. Instead, you can have an absolutely amazing future that God has planned for those who love Him.