Jul 6, 2009

America Crosses Over to Foreign Policy Dark Side

Bill Wilson
By Bill Wilson

A foreign policy analysis of the first six months of the current Administration may just reveal that its foreign policy favors the sponsors of terrorism and nations unfriendly to Israel while snubbing traditional American allies. The man who occupies the Oval Office (OOO) is now in Russia and will navigate perilous foreign policy waters where US national defense and economic trade interests intersect with a traditional enemy who pulls the diplomatic strings against Israel. Russia has been the protector of terrorist sponsors such as Iran and Syria. And Russia has provided the technology for Iran's nuclear program.

There has been a tremendous change in direction in US foreign policy since the Bush Administration vacated the White House. It started with the White House snubbing the longstanding relationship with Great Britain. At the same time, the White House has extended the diplomatic olive branch to the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism, Iran, by signaling a willingness to open diplomatic discussions - even as the strong-armed, Sharia law, government cracked down on protesters of a rigged election by killing them in cold blood in the streets and threatening to execute members of the opposition party.

At a major foreign policy speech in Cairo, Egypt which included members of the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood as invited guests, OOO quoted the Koran and lied about Islam's contributions to world peace, women's rights and religious tolerance. Muslims applauded as if he were one of them, and the Muslim Brotherhood, which has a plan to create "Civilization Jihad" in the US, considered the American leader weak and impressionable. Then the White House sided with communists and dictators regarding Honduras when the president there was ousted after ignoring the country's Supreme Court and Congressional warnings against Constitutional violations.

But the most appalling foreign policy change by the White House is its treatment of Israel. The Administration used its influence to collapse the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. When that didn't work, foreign policy blackmail was used tying America's opposition to Iranian nuclear weapons to Israel's acceptance of a terrorist Palestinian state dividing in two the nation of Israel.

There are many more examples of how the White House is siding with socialists and Islamists while throwing traditional allies, such as Israel, under the bus. The Lord says of Israel in Genesis 12:3 that He will "curse him that curses thee." Americans should prepare for the future.

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