Jun 12, 2009

Write to Strengthen Bibi

Stan Goodenough
By Stan Goodenough

As Israel’s prime minister gets ready for Shabbat, after which he is set to deliver his widely-awaited foreign policy speech, you can write to encourage him to stand strong against the shameless bullying tactics of the Obama administration and the European Union. Along with the whole world, Washington and Brussels are panting to hear Benjamin Netanyahu say he supports the “two-state solution.”

These forces aren’t going to take a day off from their pressuring. When Bibi arrives at his office Sunday morning, let’s welcome him with a flood of supporting email. Write him in care of rivkaki@pmo.gov.il. And keep praying!

My email to him this morning:
To: The Honorable Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu

From: A Christian Zionist and a well-wisher.


They are just three small words, and the pressure on you is immense to utter them, but untold numbers of Christians and Jews are praying that you will be able to resist and will refrain from saying that your government agrees to or will work towards the “two-state solution.”

I know there are those trying to trick you by “quoting” officials near you as saying that your uttering the words will not change the realities that continue to prevent the creation of a Palestinian state. This is a seductive trap.

With respect, sir - because I know you know this - if it was not so important for Israel’s enemies that you commit to the “two-state-solution” they would not be so strongly insisting that you do.

May the L-RD God of Israel, the only Ally Israel REALLY needs and the One who raised you up to lead His people at this time, strengthen you, equip you and give you a supernatural ability to do what you know is the right thing for your nation.

As you go into the Shabbat, please know that millions of Christians are wishing you well and will be praying for you as you prepare for Sunday.

With great respect, and love of your nation

Stan Goodenough