Jun 17, 2009

Why Perilous Times Are Now in Overdrive

Jan Markell

By Jan Markell

You may think that headline is a strong statement so let me defend it. We have now entered the most serious "perilous times" (II Timothy 3:1) in history. President Obama's speech in Cairo was a total surrender to Islam and a drastic turn against one of our best allies, Israel.

Because of this one-two punch, America and the rest of the world will never be what it once was. Why? Because Obama is the acknowledged leader of the free world as all American presidents are. And he sent the world of Islam a dramatic message that America wants to be their friend and that America respects Islam -- even though they continue to be at war with us.

In his speech in early June in Cairo, there was not a single word about Islam's well-known and checkered past of conquering by the sword. There was no reference to the indoctrination by Islam of her youth to steer them toward violence. There was no reference to the fact that Islamic suicide bombers are blowing themselves up around the world and beheading innocent people. No mention of the "honor killings" against family members who prove to be an embarrassment. And he gave a pass for Muslims to keep stoning their women for various offenses. He also signaled the world that we could go back to a 9/10 mentality.

As Bill Koenig states in his weekly e-newsletter, (which we recommend) "Obama complimented them (Islam) for their religion. Both moderates and radicals heard the speech through the lens of Islam and, they will use it for their benefit to further their religion throughout the world." The speech sent a message to the world that Islam should be respected even though as he was speaking, radicals were likely planning evil deeds.

The president stated that Israel has no business attacking Iran. This stretches credulity when you think about it. Who do we think we are to dictate policy that involves Israel's survival? But this foreign policy statement signaled to the radical Islamic world that they need not fear America! It also emboldened North Korea to continue its escalation of nuclear weapons and to ignore all the West's warnings, as we're now paper tigers. So while America fiddles, these evil powers are planning a full-scale nuclear showdown with the West perhaps sooner than we imagine.

It was clear from the Cairo speech that America has taken a new direction with one of its best allies, Israel. The president would rather focus on his Islamic-friendly agenda. Israel is obviously an inconvenience and, again, shouldn't even think about striking Iran who wants her to be history just as Hitler did.

He then showed his disconnect with reality by equating Holocaust horror with Palestinian rights and alleged mistreatment. He did not chastise the corrupt Palestinian leadership as the root of Palestinian suffering.

Concerning the endless "peace process" in the Middle East, there was no mention of Israel's efforts via "land for peace." There was no mention that her Arab/Muslim neighbors tried to wipe her off the face of the map in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 2006, and 2008. In that speech, the president made it clear that America will stand with the Muslim world and craft policies that will lead to Israel's destruction, although God will not allow that.

Obama signaled to Israel that she is on her own now. She got the message that her welfare is no longer a priority to American leadership. What matters is holding hands with the Arab/Muslim world -- the new focus of American foreign policy.

The world is a far more dangerous place because of that speech. The radicals will plot even more, sensing they will not be held accountable. America will look the other way just like we did when a soldier was killed at a recruiting office in Arkansas a few weeks ago. The killer was a man who had converted to Islam. The press and the Obama administration ignored the story.

What happens when Islam strikes terror on America again? The delusional state of our current leadership thinks that such an incident will never happen now that we are friends with Islam. And since we've turned on Israel, will God remain our Homeland Security Director?

Fasten your seat belt. Extremely perilous times are ahead. Evil was given a green light to go in Cairo. Now would be a very good time to go out and win the lost for Jesus Christ while there is still time. When more than just the economy crumbles around us, hearts will be much more open!

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