Jun 24, 2009

White House Lack of Courage and Conviction Minimizes Iranian Atrocities Against Freedom

Bill Wilson
By Bill Wilson

There is a gunshot by a policeman and a young woman named Neda falls to the street and in ten seconds of eternity for her, she dies. This is the scene from Iran as protesters are killed in cold blood by the madman government of the Ayatollahs' and their hate filled "President" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Back at home in America, another "President" tells reporters that while he deplores the "violence against innocent civilians," "The Iranian people are trying to have a debate about their future. Some in Iran - some in the Iranian government, in particular, are trying to avoid that debate by accusing the United States government and others in the West of instigating protests over the elections."

Forgive me please for misunderstanding. But when innocent people are being butchered by the leading Islamic regime in the world because they disagree with the will of allah, its not much of a "debate." And for a "leader" to try to wax esoteric over this brutality because he doesn't want the government of Iran to blame the United States for instigating protests, is reprehensible. The man who occupies the Oval Office, trying to convince the Iranian government that America has nothing to do with stirring up protesters, says that despite the heavy hand of the Iranian government, "we've watched what the Iranian people are doing."

He says, "Above all, we've seen courageous women stand up to the brutality and threats, and we've experienced the searing image of a woman bleeding to death on the streets." Yet in seeing all that - he issues a mild call for an end to violence and an academic proclamation that the Iranian people are trying to have a debate. This response reveals the kind of character we have put in leadership over this nation. It is the response of a soulless leader who feigns compassion in his words, yet when there is innocent blood spilled, he is reticent to forcefully condemn it because he doesn't want the Iranian government to blame America. The Iranian government, however, already has blamed the US.

A courageous and righteous leader would stand up and condemn the actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran for what they are - barbaric acts of tyranny in the name of a false religion. A courageous and righteous leader would condemn such actions in the strongest of terms rather than characterize them as people trying to have a debate. A courageous and righteous leader would not allow the opinion of tyrants to dictate his response or his nation's policies. There is too much smooth talking and rhetorical appeasement regarding the evil actions of Islam.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:37, "But let your "Yes" be "Yes" and your "No," "No." For whatsoever is more than these comes of evil."

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