Jun 19, 2009

Tensions with North Korea Escalating

John McTernan

By John McTernan

The war rhetoric is getting very serious now with North Korea. Do not be fooled with rhetoric that North Korea could be easily defeated. This nation has been preparing since 1953 for this day. It is primitive by our standards, but they have a massive army with HUGE numbers of weapons. They could inflict incredible damage.

The talk now is about North Korea's nuclear weapons, but they have enormous stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons. For the US to defeat Korea, it might take an all out effort or tactical nuclear weapons. Every military analysts that I have read about the war said the US could not defeat North Korea without using nuclear weapons. It is just impossible to stop an all out assault by a one million man army in such a small area.

The speculation is that North Korea will fire a missile on July 4 toward Hawaii. The US has no idea how advanced the Korean missile and nuclear programs are. The US may attempt to shoot it down which would get a reaction from North Korea. This situation now is extremely tense and could explode at any time. North Korea will now not back down.

I keep thinking about Israel just a week or so back preparing its population for a missile attack. And, now a missile from a hostile nation is about to be fired toward America. This is all happening at the same time Secretary of State Clinton is trying to bully Israel to divide the land!

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