Jun 27, 2009

North Korean Nuclear Threat

John McTernan
By John McTernan

For years I have been closely watching North Korea. What I have learned is that the US knows very little about North Korea's nuclear and missile program. Many of the top defense people and strategists have publicly stated they do not know the extent of North Korea's development of nuclear weapons. It is possible that North Korea's program is far more advanced than we realize.

What we do know is this country has set off at least three underground nuclear blasts and has successfully fired a long range missile that could reach Hawaii. If North Korea can reach the West Coast, all that is needed is a nuclear explosion 20-40 miles in altitude. This would send out an EMP wave that would fry all computers and electronics to Colorado. The West Coast would immediately be set back to pre Civil War conditions.

North Korea could use short range nuclear missiles to destroy our army in the South and/or the US naval base in Japan. The possibility of nuclear war with North Korea is extremely high and getting more tense by the day.

Remember, this current trouble with North Korea started at the very time Obama began bullying Israel to divide the land. Obama used the threat of a nuclear Iran as pressure against Israel to create a Palestinian state!!! Now Obama has to face the threats from a nuclear North Korea.

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