Jun 18, 2009

North Korea Will Go to War Rather than Succumb to the Sanctions

John McTernan
By John McTernan

During the 1930s, Japan was very aggressive in Asia. In the early 1930s, Japan attacked Manchuria and Korea. This can be viewed as the actual beginning of WW II. During this time, the US was the major supplier of gasoline and steel to Japan. President Roosevelt pressured Japan to stop its aggressive attacks, but it was to no avail. Japan had very limited resources, so it was very dependant on foreign suppliers.

In 1940-41, the US lead the implementation of an international oil embargo against Japan because of its aggression. The embargo went into effect on July 26, 1941. Japan had a six month reserve of oil. The Japanese were now faced with a choice of withdrawing its army from China or going to war to gain the oil of Indonesia. Japan had a narrow six month window to operate. On December 7, 1941, four months later, Japan attacked the US, so it could gain the oil needed to keep its war machine in operation. The embargo of July brought the confrontation with America to a head. The war was coming, but the embargo set a time limit.

I see the same principal now with North Korea. The sanctions imposed by the UN are bringing the confrontation with North Korea to a head. This nation can only last so long until the sanctions will degrade the country and its army to the point it could not win a war with the US and South Korea. Japan had a six month window, but it is unknown how long of a window North Korea has. I doubt the window is much more than six months.

War was eventually coming with North Korea, but now the time is fixed. My belief is that North Korea, like Japan, will go to war rather than succumb to the sanctions.

Its one-million plus army is always on full alert. The majority of the army is hid under the mountains very close to the demilitarized zone. Without warning North Korea could launch a massive onslaught against the south. If North Korea has the missiles, they will use them. If North Korea can reach the US with nuclear weapons, THEY WILL USE THEM. North Korea could attack Seoul and Tokyo with nuclear weapons and kill millions.

I believe the world is about to enter a period of unimaginable horror. The Middle East is about to erupt into a regional war in which nuclear weapons could be used, while Asia and America also face a nuclear war. North Korea is now backed into a corner with time running out. This nation will fight to the finish. The clock is now ticking toward this war.

Please get your house in order. Center you life on the Bible and being with the Lord Jesus. This should always be our focus.

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