Jun 1, 2009

Netanyahu Cannot Afford to Acquiesce

By Mike Evans

The Obama government is pressuring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to jump start the Middle East peace process by relinquishing even more land-for-peace, a move that has never resulted in anything other than another jihad and more grief for the Jewish people. His administration will continue to push even if it means bringing down Netanyahu’s government.

Obama has embarked on a peace crusade. He has invited Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to Washington. This month Obama will speak from a podium in Cairo in an effort to restore America’s image in the Muslim world. He apparently believes this cannot happen or peace be achieved until Israel accepts a Palestinian state.

Last week the United States voted for a UN Security Council resolution reaffirming support for a two-state solution. Ambassador Susan Rice said the US wants to integrate the Saudi-sponsored peace initiative into the process.

It would be absurd for Obama to think that Netanyahu would reward an Iranian-funded terrorist regime by redividing Jerusalem. He would never give away more land simply as a goodwill gesture and especially not in the absence of the Palestinian and Muslim world of recognizing Israel’s very right to exist as a Jewish state.

With six Iranian warships having been dispatched to international waters and North Korea doing its own version of the saber dance, Netanyahu cannot afford to acquiesce to President Obama’s demands. During the last three years Israel has fought two bitter campaigns to halt the bombardment of its civilian population by thousands of terrorist missiles – fired by the Iranian terrorist proxies Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza. The prime minister cannot relax his vigil or his determination to keep Israel safe.

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