Jun 10, 2009

California Watch

John McTernan

By John McTernan

California is continuing to slide into economic bankruptcy and God's judgment for its promotion of laws advancing abortion and homosexuality. The day of reckoning is drawing near for this state. The state's fiscal year starts July 1, and it is $21-24 billion in the hole! California is now facing a social meltdown as huge numbers of people are going to be cut from the welfare rolls. This alone could start riots. The state is going to open the prison doors while cutting the police! This is all a recipe for a complete social meltdown.

"The state faces an unprecedented drop in tax revenue and a widening budget deficit amid the deepest recession in decades, prompting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to propose cost-cutting steps that once seemed unthinkable.

At stake are programs for the poor, elderly and frail, placing millions of people in the nation's most populous state at risk of falling through a decades-old social safety net.

Ending the welfare-to-work program for mothers and their children would affect some 546,000 families, and health insurance could be eliminated for 1 million children from low-income families. Services for Alzheimer's patients, disabled and other frail recipients of in-home care also would be greatly reduced under the governor's latest budget proposal, leaving more than 400,000 people without such support." (Newsmax.com)
What California is now facing is an economic meltdown that is about to spill over to a social meltdown. The state is suffering from a serious drought with the possibility of massive fires. Remember, there are "Gay Pride" celebrations all over California this month as it is "Gay Pride Month." "Gay Pride Day" is the last Sunday of the month. That weekend is worth watching.

I still suggest that if you live in California leave as fast as you can. One day you might have to flee as Lot did from Sodom. The "Handwriting is on the wall" for California as all the crises are hitting at once.

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