Jun 19, 2009

Americans Are Waking, But So Are America's Enemies - Who Will Move First?

Bill Wilson
By Bill Wilson

Never before in the history of the United States has national debt been so high. That Congress and the White House, through their socialist power grab positioning the Federal government as the personal "savior" of the citizenry, have run up a record $2 trillion in debt just this year is in the least malfeasance, if not treason. Congress and the man who occupies the Oval Office should be impeached immediately before they can do any additional damage to this nation. From a Christian perspective, it is immoral that these politicians strap future generations with such debt; it is immoral that they are aiding and abetting America's enemies by weakening this nation beyond recovery.

The US Treasury announced a record $104 billion worth of bond auctions, exceeding the previous April record of $101 billion. These bond sales are selling Federal government debt in order to fund the federal budget deficit. Among the buyers of such debt are Arab nations and China - countries that are funding operations worldwide against the interest of every American citizen. If China - a trading partner, but a traditionally untrustworthy enemy of freedom and free enterprise - chose to sell its near trillion dollar debt holdings, the American government and economy could collapse. April marked the first time since June 2008 that China did not buy Treasury Bonds.

Furthermore, China is beginning to sell its dollars. China sold about $4.4 billion in T-bills during the last month - a signal to the US that China is growing impatient with how the US government is handling its economy, according to Chinese officials. China is not the only one expressing concerns about the heavy handed US government. American citizens are waking up. A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll suggests that 69% of Americans are concerned about the Administration's intervention in the economy and 58% believe that the government should focus on controlling the budget deficit rather than on boosting the economy.

There is a convergence point. If America's enemies become to believe that America is worth more to them if they took it than it is as an investment opportunity, they could band together and topple it because of the debt policy of this Administration and Congress.

But there is hope. Americans, after only six months of heavy handed socialism, are starting to wake up. Question is: Will Americans wake up and remove these sons of satan from office before our enemies overcome the nation? This is why Christians must become vocal and active for their nation by expelling the godless and establishing righteousness. Proverbs 14:34 says, "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to all people."

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