May 26, 2009

Sarkozy Calls Palestinian State 'Legitimate Right'

By Chris Perver

French President Nicholas Sarkozy has called the establishment of a Palestinian state a "legitimate right" of Palestinian Arabs, and remarked that the creation of such a state constituted Israel's best guarantee for security. His statement precedes an official visit to the United Arab Emirates, during which the president is to open a newly constructed French naval base in the country, underscoring France's commitment to the stability of the Middle East.

His comments also follow increasing tension between the French and Israeli governments over the direction of the peace process. Marking the 42nd anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu proclaimed that "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It has always been, will remain so forever and will never be divided". The comments drew an angry response from foreign ministry spokesman Desagneaux, who criticized Israel's settlement expansion in east Jerusalem and called for the capital to be divided between Jew and Arab. The Israeli Prime Minister is due to meet with President Sarkozy next month.
"In France's eyes, Jerusalem should, within the framework of a negotiated peace deal, become the capital of two states," he said, adding that President Nicolas Sarkozy had told Israeli lawmakers this in a speech last year. "Actions such as the destruction of Palestinian homes or the transformation of Arab districts risk provoking an escalation in violence. They are unacceptable and contrary to international law," Desagneaux said. "In broad terms, France condemns the ongoing settlement, including in East Jerusalem. We reiterate the need for a freeze on colonisation activities, including those linked to natural population growth," he added.
Unfortunately Netanyahu's statement, that the city of Jerusalem will "never be divided", will not be realized. And Sarkozy's remarks, that a Palestinian state is a "legitimate right", is completely nonsensical. The Palestinian Arabs have no historical, religious or legal right to the city of Jerusalem.

Throughout the Diaspora, the city of Jerusalem never became the capital of any country, Arab or otherwise. The city is not mentioned once in the Qur'an, and even many Muslims are now realizing this. There has never been a 'Palestinian people'. Even former PLO leader Yasser Arafat was an Egyptian Arab. The land has been occupied many times since 70AD, but it has never become the sovereign state of any people other than the Jews.

The Balfour Agreement, which paved the way for the establishment of the state of Israel in British Mandate Palestine, did not offer the Palestinian Arabs any political aspirations in the region. Subsequent UN Security Council resolutions have only specified that Israel find "defensible borders", with no mention being made of the status of Jerusalem. Unfortunately that is something that Israel has had to do again and again, as Arab nations have repeatedly launched wars in a unified effort to destroy the Jewish state.

But the Bible states that during the tribulation period, the city of Jerusalem will once again be divided (Zechariah 12:2, 14:2, Revelation 11:2). It seems that in one last ditch effort to find peace in the Middle East, half of Jerusalem will come under the jurisdiction of the Gentile nations. But rather than bringing about peace in the world, the greatest period of persecution for the Jewish people will commence (Daniel 12:1).

Both Hamas and Fatah have repeatedly declared that their true intentions are to destroy Israel. This fact is largely ignored or covered up by the mainstream media. How can such a state, which is bent on the genocide of another people, be a "legitimate right" for anyone? But this is the state that the nations of the world are now calling for.

During the tribulation period Israel will be completely surrounded by enemies who are bent on its very destruction. The division of the land of Israel will actually be a precursor to the battle of Armageddon. As you can see, that day is drawing closer. Jesus Christ is coming again. Firstly, to deliver those who have trusted in Him for salvation from the wrath to come. And secondly, to deliver His people Israel from their enemies.

If Jesus Christ came today, would you be ready to meet Him? Turn away from your sins, and trust in Him for salvation today.
But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name (John 1:12)

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