May 10, 2009

Russia Warns Countries Considering 'Military Adventures'

By August Rosado

The Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has issued a stern warning to any countries considering what he called "military adventures". Mr Medvedev said they would be met with the proper response. He was speaking at a military parade in Moscow commemorating the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. The speech comes as tensions have flared up again as Georgia hosts a military exercise this month organized by the NATO military alliance. Speaking in front of thousands of troops on parade in Red Square, Mr Medvedev said that the Soviet Union's defeat of German forces during World War II was a great lesson to all nations which was still relevant today. Although he did not specify which countries he was referring to, it is widely assumed this warning was aimed at neighbouring Georgia.

Last summer Russia and Georgia went to war over the fate of two of Georgia's breakaway regions; South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Russia is furious, as it views Georgia as within its own sphere of influence and does not want the country to join NATO. Some military analysts are warning there could be further conflict in the region. Even though it could be a warning to Georgia, I also believe this warning has a far reaching implication, Israel and the US. Israel says it can hit Iran within days, weeks or months to stop its nuclear weapons program. What Medvedev is saying is that he will use military might to defend its interest. Notice how he used the plural "countries" in his speech. This goes beyond Georgia, and I believe the warning has been issued indirectly towards Israel.

Pope Benedict XVI expressed deep respect for Islam Friday and said he hopes the Catholic Church can play a role in Mideast peace as he began his first trip to the region, where he hopes to improve frayed ties with Muslims. The pope will also visit Israel and the Palestinian territories during his week long tour. He says he has "deep respect" for Islam which I find just as troubling as former Pres. George Bush's statement that Islam is a "religion of peace", try telling that to the Jewish families whose loved ones were murdered by Islamic terrorist. This reminds me of Revelation 17:2 where it talks about the religious whore who commits fornication with the kings of the earth. This religious whore sits on the seven hills which is clearly Rome, (Rev 17:9). I think John gives us clear identification as to who this last days player is.

Israel's new PM, Benjamin Netenyahu is clearly seeing that Barak Obama is not a friend to Israel, but a foe. He says he will stand up to Obama, and will not compromise Israel's security. This is the first tough talk from an Israeli PM to a sitting US President. It seems to me we are fast on track to see Bible prophecy being fulfilled in our lifetime.

I am indeed troubled when we had national prayer day in our nation, and Obama made no mention of it at all. He is the first US President to make no mention of it at all in a long time, something is not right here folks.

Please pray for our country and for Israel in these last days, we must reach the lost at any cost. I think we as prophecy preachers are loosing our focus on soul winning and outreach and just focusing on world events. We enjoy covering the political because it does set the stage for the prophetic, but also, souls are at stake. Let's try to win the lost through gospel tract distribution, inviting loved ones or friends to a Bible believing Church, door knocking, or just one on one street preaching. We Christians are indeed certainly guilty of neglecting all that, I for one will keep emphasizing this in future newsletters.

Jesus is coming very soon, we must be about the Father's business.

Shalom and God bless. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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