May 4, 2009

Republicans Join Democrats in Calling for End to Reagan Era Nostalgia

By Bill Wilson

Just to demonstrate just how far down the path of destruction the nation has come, Republicans are joining the Democrats by abandoning the party's conservative roots by "repackaging" the party's brand. A panel of so-called "experts", consisting of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Arizona Senator John McCain, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, have started the National Council for a New America. The group is going to do away with the "Reagan era" nostalgia, according to Bush, and listen to the American people. Bush says the Democrats have listened and that's why they are in office.

The letter announcing the National Council for a New America starts out on bad footing. It says,
"The United States is the greatest country in the world, a beacon of hope, strength, and prosperity that Democracies worldwide seek to emulate."
The United States is not a democracy - our Founding Fathers expressly chose a Constitutional Republic over a Democracy because in their wisdom they believed in the rule of law not the whimsical rule of a majority of people. And the Republican Party is supposed to reflect the values and tenets of a Constitutional Republic. There already is a Democratic Party that seeks to instill the tenets of Democracy in America's government.

The letter then goes through a blueprint for their conversation with America. With minor shades of difference, the blueprint looks as though it was taken from the Democratic Party's website:
"All Americans deserve access to high quality, affordable care. . . A high quality education should not be dependent upon a parent's income or address. . . American families and businesses cannot afford an energy policy where we are held hostage by foreign oil cartels and dictators. . . The threats posed to our nation are more varied and evolving more than perhaps at any other time in our history."
But there are no solutions suggested beyond worn out words, nothing to discuss with the American people, no standard to test.

Our national identity as Americans requires us to act in the best interest of our nation. In order to do that, we must understand the basic foundations of the nation as laid by the Founding Fathers. They were based on the rule of law derived from the Bible. Proverbs 14:34 says,
"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."
There is no policy, no direction these politicians can map that will make a "New America" until the very primary supports of a successful and fruitful body politic are reestablished within the leadership - religion and morality.

The political parties will run this country into ruin until a New America emerges - which is the Old America envisioned by the Godly men who formed it.

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