May 23, 2009

The Joke's on Them

By Jim Fletcher

Things are heating up, folks. I was interviewed this week by Charlie Butts of American Family Radio, on the heels of Benjamin Netanyahu's first official visit with Barack Obama. The Israeli premier, let's be honest, met a hostile American president.

As Yogi Berra would say, it was deja vu all over again for Netanyahu, who contended not only with Bill Clinton, but also Hillary Clinton, a decade ago. The Clintons are old-line liberals and Hillary's pals in the PLO always knew they could count on her for support.

Obama will be much worse. He has none of the baggage or lack of discipline that Bill Clinton had. He is focused on reshaping the world in his image.

Add to this the dynamic going on in the evangelical community regarding Israel. The Jewish state's supporters are openly worried about the survival of Israel. Her enemies who call themselves evangelicals (a clever strategy of people like Brian McLaren and the Christianity Today editorial staff) say peace, peace, but there is no peace. A favorite pastime of the Left for decades has been to pledge their support for Israel's security while simultaneously calling for a Palestinian state.

Well, which is it? You can't have both. Either Israel lives securely, or Palestine is established. Large chunks of the Middle East Arab population is barbaric, a throwback to the seventh century. The drive to use diplomacy and the international community to establish peace in the Middle East is the purest form of insanity. Even its proponents know it won't work. But it is a practical way to put off our own destruction; the thinking goes that if you placate the Arabs by offering Israel on a silver platter, Islam will leave you alone.


Ironically, moral cowardice only emboldens your enemies. It enables them and places us in the odd position of drafting and signing our own death warrant.

The Leftist Christians who peddle their peace porridge are not dumb. They're smart people. McLaren is a sharp guy. The problem is, his world view is deadly.

I don't for a minute believe people who say they are concerned for Israel's security, then in the next breath pine for Palestine. They are being disingenuous.

Yet biblically, the joke's on them. If you don't accept the Bible as metaphor / myth / fiction / fantasy / legend / coincidence / contradiction, then there is a very clear story: God will fight for the Jews. Her enemies, He says, will eat their own flesh because He will make them eat it.

Harsh? I guess. True? Bingo.

I believe that God will utterly destroy the Jews' enemies, for this simple reason: He said He will. I happily and enthusiastically embrace the "God said it, I believe it" concept, even though it invites derision from the Leftist evangelical eggheads who muse about theology and philosophy and the state of the world...while sipping exotic coffees.

They are simply wrong on an epic scale.

Israel cannot and will not be defeated. She will not be destroyed. If the Bible is true, then Israel will survive.

Jesus, the Jew, is not some dope-smoking, barefoot spiritual guide who teaches Buddhist philosophy. The Bible describes Him as THE path to reconciliation with God. And He is also coming soon as THE conquering King, full of wrath and fury.

Do Leftists think I'm an idiot? Of course. Do I care? Not at all.

Here is the message we should familiarize ourselves with and repeat endlessly to a lost world: the Messiah is coming soon and we should get ready. All the liberal philosophy and mocking in the world won't change that.

Supporters of Palestine: the joke's on you.