May 2, 2009

Iraqi Government to Renovate the Burial Site of Ezekiel

By Jimmy DeYoung

The Iraqi government has launched a project to renovate the burial site of the ancient Jewish prophet Ezekiel located south of Baghdad and the country's ministry of tourism and antiquities says it hopes to eventually repair and renovate other Jewish sites across the entire country. The Jewish community in Iraq was once one of the largest and most prominent Jewish communities in the Middle East which, after the establishment of a Jewish state in 1948, more than 120,000 Iraqi Jews moved to Israel in the 1950's in a clandestine operation called Operation Ezra and Nehemiah.

The Iraqi government says that the tombs of Daniel, Ezra, Nahum, and Jonah are also located in Iraq and the ministry of tourism will reestablish their sites as sacred spots for Jewish and Christian pilgrims.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The burial sites of several ancient Jewish prophets are evidence to their existence and a reminder of the prophecies of these prophets for the end times.

As war-torn Iraq continues to rebuild, there is a plan that is being put forth by the Iraqi ministry of tourism and antiquities that will most likely draw many Jewish and Christian pilgrims to this area. In addition to Biblical sites like Babylon and Ninevah, the prophets that had connection to these two cities are men who served in this region of the world and lived out their lives in what was once a major crossroad for Biblical events. This reality is what the Iraqi government wants to promote to the world to draw tourists to their nation.

What is interesting to me as a student of Bible prophecy, is that these prophets, Nahum, Jonah, Daniel, and Ezekiel all had the ministry of pre-writing the history of today, or in other words, the last days prophecies that are unfolding even as I speak. Nahum and Jonah focused on Ninevah which is the modern-day northern area of Iraq, the oil rich area. Daniel and Ezekiel were both captives in Babylon in southern Iraq and both spoke of what would happen in these areas in the last days. Even John the apostle, the writer of the book of Revelation, foretold of the end times activities in Iraq, Biblical Babylon (Revelation 18).

Remember, Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

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