May 15, 2009

Did CIA Lie to Pelosi? Isn’t That Illegal?

By Jack Kinsella

Nancy Pelosi claimed in a rambling and confused press conference that the CIA repeatedly lied to her, “every step of the way” concerning the US use of waterboarding. If true, somebody at the CIA may soon be headed to jail. Or Pelosi may be forced to admit the obvious — she’s the one doing the lying.

Democrats on the House intelligence committee said Thursday that CIA officers broke the law in 2002 if they told Nancy Pelosi then that they had not yet engaged in waterboarding.

“If they make a false report, absolutely it’s illegal,” said Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. “If they fail to make a report when they’re obligated to that is also illegal — a violation of the National Security Act.”

Said CIA Spokesman George Little: “It is not the policy of the CIA to mislead the United States Congress.”

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives says otherwise. Both versions can’t be true.

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