May 22, 2009

Citizens by any Other Name

By Bill Wilson

Strange how the news media covered the Islamic jihadists who were nabbed by the FBI and New York police hours before they were to blow up Jewish centers because they hated Jews and were angry about US policy in Afghanistan. Funny how the news media still has problems reporting the plot. They just don't seem to want to call this what it is - another Islamic terrorist plot thwarted on US soil. Instead, the media reports on the event as if it were regular American boys who wanted to blow up some Jews. Reports quote:
"The four suspects were identified as James Cromitie (Abdul Rahman), David Williams (Daoud), Onta Williams (Hazma) and Laguerre Payen."
Their unreported Islamic names are Abdul, Daoud, and Hazma.

To the media, it just doesn't look so bad for the Muslims if they have American names - looks as if Americans are starting to turn against Americans. Well, in reality, they are all American citizens. Three of the four are converts to Islam - they are likely prison converts. One of the Imams who was quoted by the press says that prison converts to Islam don't often get a clear picture of the religion because educated teachers are difficult to find. That might be the logical and best excuse, but this is a first hand example of how Islamism seeks the violent overthrow of other systems. Christianity, for example, is instructed to submit to government authority. Islam seeks to establish its own government.

Try as they might, the politicians and the news media want Americans to think that terrorism is just another crime. They want us to believe that anybody can commit terrorism. They want us to accept that Muslims are just normal peace loving citizens in the melting pot of America. But what these attempted attacks continue to show us is that while not all Muslims are terrorists, the vast overriding majority of terrorists are Muslims. And whether they are citizens of the United States or transplanted Islamists in the witness protection program after being released from Gitmo, if they believe what they read in the Koran, they are a possible jihadist under the right conditions.

Islam's very foundational principles call for the establishment of an Islamic Theocracy, an iron fisted political system.

If Islam is such a peaceful religion, why is it that Islamic nations are among the worst offenders of child slavery, violence against women, and trafficking of women and children? Its because allah is not the same as God Almighty. The same rules of the Bible, the laws of God, do not apply.
Jesus said in John 14:6,
"I am the way and the truth and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by Me."
He also instructs us to...
"bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you."
James, Abdul; Onta, Hazma; allah, Jesus, what's in a name? Life and death.

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