Apr 30, 2009

Of Obedience, Occupation and Reward

By Bill Wilson

Many Christian Americans are distraught over the turn of current events. They do not believe that there is any use in opposing the current government because it is too out of control and too powerful. They see their Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms being diminished one by one. They see the overarching dominion of the current administration as against everything Christian-using hard earned tax money to nationalize major financial and manufacturing businesses, to fund abortion in America and abroad, to support sexual immorality - and they throw up their hands and say "we cannot do anything, let us just pray and hide in the shadow of our Lord's protection until He returns."

In the gospel of Luke Chapter 19, Jesus speaks a parable to those who believed that the kingdom of God should immediately appear. The parable was about a nobleman who went into a far away country to receive a kingdom for himself, and then to return. Jesus said in verse 13, "And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, 'Occupy till I come.'" And after he returned, he called the servants together to see how they had managed the money. Some had done well and multiplied the money, others not so well. The servant who disobeyed, hid the money, and did not multiply it for the noblemen was punished and the money was taken away and given to the obedient servants.

Take heart Christian Americans: Jesus said "Occupy till I come." The dictionary says an occupier is one who "takes possession and control, such as a military invasion." It is not a passive charge. In order to occupy in this nation, where the Lord saw fit that the people choose its leaders and government, one must be clear on his mission. And to do that, one must know the Bible. God's word gives us all the tools and the Holy Spirit gives us the spiritual gifts to occupy. To do so, we must understand His word as it is meant, not as it is taught by deceivers who loosely translate the word of God to their advantage. Then we must know the US Constitution, which was based on the word of God. Then we must act.

By using the word of God as our understanding, the Constitution as our legal standing, and by discerning the times and the events of the nation, we must take possession and control. A government that terrorizes its people for photo opportunities; that casually says it expects deaths from pandemic disease, yet is doing virtually nothing to protect its citizens; that uses citizens' money for wicked purposes against both the Bible and the Constitution; is a government that must be brought into alignment with both. And Christian Americans, charged to occupy by their King, Lord and Savior, must engage the fight. Otherwise, When the Lord returns, we will be treated like the servant who was disobedient.

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