Apr 13, 2009

The Obama/Netanyahu End-Times Tipping Point

By Terry James

Tipping points for crucial historical decisions have occurred many times throughout history. Humanity-changing events resulted from each decision made. One such overarching decision was Neville Chamberlain meeting face to face with Adolf Hitler, who assured Chamberlain that he agreed to the terms of “peace in our time.” The British prime minister naively took the fuehrer at his word, and the result was millions – including millions of Jews - being killed by the most horrific war ever.

The upcoming face-to-face between U.S. President Barak Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dwarfs, by comparison, all previous tipping points in world history. This is because Israel’s eventual agreement to accept pressures for peace by the international community will lead to a time of horrors on Planet Earth that will make all of the wars of history past pale in comparison.

How Netanyahu deals with the pressures the American president and all other world leaders apply to arm-twisting in order to force acceptance of the division of God’s land will constitute the most critical decision of history to this point. Israel’s decision to give or not give land for peace will determine whether the tipping point is caused to bring the world crashing down into the time of tribulation. If this is the time near the confirming of that seven year covenant of Daniel 9:26-27, the plunge into earth’s darkest time prophesied by Jeremiah (30:7) and Jesus (Matt. 24: 21-22) could be upon this generation sooner rather than later.

The pressures are on the drawing board to ultimately force Israel into the sphere of Antichrist. One news item, which I’ve excerpted here, frames that reality:
“In an unprecedented move, the Obama administration is readying for a possible confrontation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by briefing Democratic congressmen on the peace process and the positions of the new government in Israel regarding a two-state solution. The Obama administration is expecting a clash with Netanyahu over his refusal to support the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. In recent weeks, American officials have briefed senior Democratic congressmen and prepared the ground for the possibility of disagreements with Israel over the peace process, according to information recently received. The administration's efforts are focused on President Barack Obama's Democratic Party, which now holds a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The preemptive briefing is meant to foil the possibility that Netanyahu may try to bypass the administration by rallying support in Congress...” (“Obama team readying for confrontation with Netanyahu,” Aluf Benn, Haaretz - Israel News, 4/9/09).
When President Obama sits down with Prime Minister Netanyahu, I believe we will be witnessing a summit meeting like none other. The American government in its present makeup might consider Israel as just a stubborn minor nation-state to strong arm in order to achieve a broad Middle East peace. But the fate of America – indeed of the world — rests upon how Israel’s one time greatest national friend deals with God’s chosen nation.

The groundwork has already been laid with amazing swiftness. The Obama administration, by its observable audacity, having made inroads into new friendships with the likes of Syria, Turkey, and Iran, is in a position – they likely believe — to exert hegemony over a cowed nation that fears for its continued existence. The mighty U.S. influence will, they believe, bring Netanyahu into line, thus putting an end to thousands of years of hatreds - hatreds the diplomats of the world more and more attribute to Israel’s illegitimate squatting on land belonging to the Palestinians.

A future Israeli leadership will – perhaps quite soon — compromise with the international community to agree to a peace covenant. Whether this bully tactic by the new American president will lead to that tipping point that then leads to Israel’s - and the world’s — tumble into the abyss of tribulation remains to be seen.

We will be watching this process carefully. The Christians of Planet Earth will not see the process come to fruition, however – at least not this side of Heaven.

The confirming of the covenant by “the prince that shall come” for a period of seven years will set in motion the time of God’s holy wrath. God considers this covenant one made with death and hell, as described in Isaiah 28: 15 and 18. Christians will not see this level of anger by the living God because Christ’s Church (all true believers in Jesus for salvation) are not appointed to God’s wrath (1 Thess. 5:9-11). Christians will have already been called into the presence of their Lord (see 1 Cor. 15:51-55; 1 Thess. 4:13-18; and, as Jesus himself foretold, John 14:1-3).

Another most somber warning is warranted: Mr. Obama and Mr. Netanyahu, tread lightly upon the summit to which you’ve been summoned by the Lord God. The tipping point upon which you will stand is indeed precarious.

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