Apr 11, 2009

Obama Faith-Based Appointee: “New Testament is NOT True”

By Jack Kinsella

President Obama has named to his faith-based advisory council a self-professed Christian who holds that the New Testament’s teaching that homosexual behavior is unnatural and wrong–which is found in St. Paul’s letter to the Romans–“is not true.”

The appointee, Harry Knox, has also said that Obama’s decision to invite the Rev. Rick Warren to say a prayer at the Inauguration “tainted” the ceremony and that Pope Benedict XVI is a “discredited leader.”

The appointee professes to be a “gay Christian” and is the director of the religion and faith program at the Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual rights group. Knox was named to President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships on Monday.

In a debate with a Christian over the contents of first chapter of Romans, Knox said that he does not believe the Bible opposes homosexuality, but rather, that the Apostle Paul was a rich, heterosexual man of privilege who ‘got’ to write the Book of Romans.
“Paul did not have any idea of the kind of love that I feel for a partner when I am partnered. He didn’t know what that was about,” Knox said. “The straight man, the heterosexual man who got the privilege of writing the book, the educated, rich, heterosexual man, Paul, who got to write the book, didn’t think it was natural because for him it must not have been.”
The advisory council to which Knox has been appointed gives federal grants to faith-based organizations. Which is another reason why any faith-based group to take federal grants can kiss their independence goodbye. But they can’t complain it was taken from them. They will have sold it, eyes wide open, for money.

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