Apr 1, 2009

Middle East Peace: The Next 6 Months Critical

By Michael G. Mickey

EUBusiness.com is reporting that the Middle East envoy of the Quartet (Russia, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations), former British PM Tony Blair, is calling on Israel "to accept the idea of a Palestinian state and open up the Gaza Strip, warning that the next six months" are "critical."
"Are we going to get the major change that we want, are we going to see people commit themselves to a two state solution? If this doesn't happen, month after month, with no progress, then everything we know about this situation teaches us that it will go backwards," he said. [MORE...]
It seems that every time the issue of Middle East peace is raised we're told resolution of the Israel-Palestinian crisis is critical and that failure to achieve peace soon is going to be disastrous, but this plea on behalf of the Quartet comes at a unique time.

As I've been reporting was coming, the G-20 is now meeting in London with all the world's major powers being represented by key leadership. At the top of the agenda for the G-20 is the global economic crisis, but I think we can be certain the issue of Middle East peace is high on the list as well, particularly at this time when the Israeli government is in a period of transition which the Palestinians are suggesting is going to usher in a period where nothing will be accomplished due to Benjamin Netanyahu becoming Israeli Prime Minister.

Truly, I expect there is going to be some progress made toward a globalization of the world's financial resources and regulation of same as a result of the ongoing summit. If so, we're closer conditionally to the end times scenario painted in Bible prophecy which foretells a global currency coming into existence. Add to that the possibility that, with all members of the Quartet together in London, a renewed and seemingly urgent push from the international community for a Palestinian state to be born on Israel's covenant lands is about to surface once again and it isn't hard to see that the next 6 months have tremendous potential to bring the world closer to the advent of the Antichrist as well, if not directly to it.

Keep watch, Church! Our Lord is coming. How could anyone doubt it?

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