Apr 27, 2009

Government Says No Effort To Stop Swine Flu Epidemic Through Border Security

By Bill Wilson

The Federal government is putting Americans at risk by not shutting down the border with Mexico during the swine flu epidemic. The Center for Disease Control says that over 20 Americans in five states are infected. Some are likely to be those who recently crossed the Mexico border into the US, others were school kids who spent some time recently in Cancun. Already Mexico has shut down schools, athletic events, government offices and a host of other public venues to try to restrict the disease until people have been properly vaccinated. But the government of the United States has done nothing but observe. Is it not in the best interest of national security and safety of Americans to shut down the border?

Already the World Health Organization has warned countries around the world about the flu, saying the outbreak in Mexico and the United States represents a "public health emergency of international concern." After deliberating for days, the Department of Homeland Security has declared a national health emergency in the United States. The declaration, DHS says, will allow the federal and state governments easier access to flu tests and medications-whatever that means. Roughly 12 million doses of the flu vaccine are being released from federal stockpile. It is unclear whether the feds will mandate the vaccine be given to the citizenry. Still no word on shutting down the US-Mexico border.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said in a briefing at the White House that State Department is not going to issue travel advisories, neither is the US going to screen passengers on flights arriving from Mexico. Dr. Richard Besser, the acting head of the CDC, told reporters that he didn't know how long it would take to contain the outbreak and, "We view this more as a marathon. We do think this will continue to spread but we are taking aggressive actions to minimize the impact on people's health." In short, the Department of Homeland Security and the CDC have declared a national health emergency, but they are taking no steps to prevent the spread of the epidemic outside of making old flu vaccine available.

The vaccine, however, may not be effective, according to Dr. Isador Rosenfeld, a FOX News contributor. Rosenfeld said swine flu is dangerous because it changes its form and takes on characteristics like bird flu, and there is no vaccination. It is astounding that the federal government would rather risk a pandemic of swine flu than to close the border with Mexico, stop flights to and from the country, and test those who were already in Mexico for the flu virus. The government is failing its representation of the people by not providing for the general welfare and the national security. Jeremiah 8:15 says,
"We looked for peace, but no good came; and for a time of health, and behold trouble!"
Trouble has arrived and its our government.

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