Apr 16, 2009

The Call for a Spiritual Revolution in America

By Bill Wilson

I told over 2,000 people at the Naples, Florida TEA Party that an Axis of Evil had declared war on American citizens - Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government. They have used: the love money to destroy the lives, the liberty and the happiness of fellow countrymen; unparalleled power to destroy the workforce, nationalize companies, and drain the financial lifeblood from the citizenry; taxpayers' money to fund killing the innocent pre-born here and abroad by the millions; taxpayers' money to provide special protections for a class of same sex immorality that God calls abomination; and taxpayers' money to teach in public schools to our minor children that sexual immorality is normal.

I believe it would be evil for us as a moral people to stand by and allow this to continue. If people on their own intend to embark on these evil things, let them do so at their own peril according to the laws and customs of the nation and their own fear of God, but let us not partner with these usurpers another day to support such wrongdoing. It is time we meet locally. We must find points of agreement. We must organize. And from that organization we must take action and create a grass roots movement to defeat the evil before us. In obedience to God, in repentance, in great humility and diligence as did our Founding Fathers, we must change the heart of the nation, by changing the hearts of our countrymen.

My friend Ronald Reagan on March 4th, 1984 said,
"The difference between the path toward greater freedom or bigger government is the difference between success and failure; between opportunity and coercion; between faith in a glorious future and fear of mediocrity and despair; between respecting people as adults, each with a spark of greatness, and treating them as helpless children to be forever dependent; between a drab, materialistic world where Big Brother rules by promises to special interest groups, and a world of adventure where everyday people set their sights on impossible dreams, distant stars, and the Kingdom of God. We have the true message of hope for America."
With combined hearts beating as patriots, we must begin today a Spiritual revolution to save the America of our Fathers and of our children. We must rise to the majestic heights of confronting these principalities of darkness with spiritual force. We must understand, as our forefathers before us, that our destinies are our common bond and that our Liberty is inextricably dependent upon the actions of one another. We cannot walk alone. Romans 13:12 says,
"The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light."
If we put our trust in God, and do what is right, we will have the power, the Holy Spirit power, to fight this good fight. Are you in?