Mar 16, 2009

A Terminal Illness

By Jim Fletcher

The criminals who run the Gaza Strip are doing a good job of luring the entire world into their internal, tribal conflict.

As the Middle East continues to simmer, and Bible prophecy continues to simmer, we see the broad outlines of geopolitics and the supernatural converging.

Make no mistake, the international community is getting tired of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Which is to say, they are getting tired of the Israelis. It is well-known to the principles involved that the Arabs — specifically the Palestinians — are hopelessly violent and stubborn.

As has been pointed out several times, the Palestinians have been offered a state more than once, but have always managed to blow up the negotiations, sometimes literally.

Now we have two scenarios playing out to their tragic ends.

First, the Western delusion that the Arabs want real peace. Hillary Clinton recently brought the power of American diplomacy to a new low when she appeared on Palestinian TV, geared toward youth. She essentially placated the Palestinians in Ramallah by pledging U.S. support for a two-state solution. She went to lengths to recognize Palestinian suffering.

We also have the problem of Western delusion.

Some readers have criticized my criticism of American leaders. Unfortunately, American leaders currently deserve criticism for enabling terrorist regimes and coddling “moderate” dictators. Classic cases involve the Presidents Bush for their chummy relationship with the Saudis, and our current pillow-fight/pajama party with Syria.

The Saudis fund terrorism and Syria is a terrorist state.

In life, humans often put off difficult decisions because they are difficult decisions. Sometimes we leave problems for future generations. But in the immortal words of Roy Rogers: “Sometimes it hurts to do the right thing, but afterwards you’ll feel better.”

The singing cowboy was right. We prolong intense international problems because we won’t deal with them now.

In the past several weeks, Israeli soldiers have detained and interrogated Hamas operatives in the Gaza Strip. They have irrefutable evidence that Hamas terrorists are using private homes, schools, and mosques as rocket-launch sites, thus endangering the civilian population. There is strong evidence that many of the locals are afraid of, and oppose, Hamas.

Why, then are foreign governments like Great Britain “reaching-out” to terrorists (Hezbollah)? Look for the U.S. to move more and more toward direct negotiations with Hamas. Just last week, British politician George Galloway met with Hamas strongman Ishmael Haniyeh in Gaza; photos of the two of them smiling are quite sickening.

All this sets the stage for an ungodly amount of pressure on incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. One can say with a fair amount of confidence that Israel has never been under more intense diplomatic pressure, from so many sources. Truly, “the nations” that Zechariah spoke of so long ago are gathering strength.

The Arabs have long worked to undermine Israel in every possible area, and they have been quite successful. Besides terrorism, hate-teaching in schools, all-out war, and baseless propaganda, the Arabs have been successful — to a degree — in splitting Israeli society.

Israel today is polarized between the realists/Zionists and the Left. It is quite sad to see politicians like Tzipi Livni thirst so much for power that they endanger the State. Livni, currently foreign minister and Netanyahu’s chief rival, campaigned on the need for a broad unity government to cope with crises. Now, she refuses to help form just such a government, even though the threats to Israel are sophisticated, varied, and strong.

Meanwhile, the nations refuse — refuse! — to demand basic responsibility from the Palestinians. As with any other people, there are good and bad. But the evidence points to a majority of the Palestinians hating Israel and the U.S. Try walking through East Jerusalem and being glared at, all the while you are passing hundreds of posters of the shaheeds (terrorist “martyrs”).

This delusion is fatal and will play itself out against the backdrop of biblical prophecies that clearly show us a mega-attack on Israel. Those pressures have never been more intense.

Which means the world is exactly where it’s supposed to be. If you believe the Bible.

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