Mar 26, 2009

Q & A

By Jack Kelley

Q. I really have heard that Assyrian Antichrist idea so many times, but not from people I believe are well grounded prophecy teachers. I have heard some well known teachers refute it and I agree with them because it is not proven by the Word. Can you please elaborate on this teaching?

A. Since I don’t subscribe to the Assyrian Anti-Christ idea, I can only tell you why I don’t. I think proponents of this theory have two major problems. One is their misinterpretation of Isaiah 52:4 that I described in detail in this week’s feature article, The End Times According to Isaiah, Part 11.

The other is their claim that since the Roman Army that destroyed the Temple in 70 AD was supposedly made up largely of Assyrian conscripts, and since Daniel 9:26 hints that the anti-Christ will come from the people who destroyed the Temple, that means the anti-Christ has to be Assyrian.

Let’s say the Roman Legions really were filled with Assyrian soldiers. Assyria was part of the Roman Empire, their leaders were Roman, they were fighting under direct orders from Rome, they wore Roman uniforms and they were paid by Rome. Were it not for Rome the Assyrians wouldn’t have even been there. Simple logic would say it was the Romans who destroyed the Temple.

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