Mar 3, 2009

Israel Sends Protest to UN!

PDFBy Dr. David Hocking

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (Arutz Sheva News)

The Olmert administration has changed its tactics. Instead of authorizing the IDF to continue immediate military retaliation to Hamas rocket attacks, it has complained to the United Nations. A protest was filed with the U.N. following the latest rocket attack that exploded immediately south of Ashkelon, shortly before midnight Monday.

Outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told the Cabinet on Sunday, “If the firing continues from the Gaza Strip, it will be met with a painful, harsh, strong and uncompromising response from the security forces.”

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni stated Tuesday morning that “we have to respond” after every attack, but her own office told Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Prof. Gabriela Shalev to compose the complaint to the U.N.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yossi Levi referred the apparent contradiction in policies to Minister Livni’s personal spokesman and to the Defense Ministry, neither of which was available for comment.

A spokesman for Prime Minister-designate Binyamin Netanyahu vowed Israel would respond “after Netanyahu takes office.”

Shalev wrote to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, “In response to these ongoing attacks, Israel has the inherent duty to exercise its right to self-defense enshrined in article 51 of the United Nations Charter…. Israel will not tolerate, and will respond accordingly to attacks against its citizens.”

A copy of the letter also was sent to the U.N. Security Council, but its current rotating president, Libyan Ambassador to the U.N. Ibrahim Dabbashi, previously has been at the forefront in promoting anti-Israeli motions.

Parents shut down most educational facilities in Ashkelon for the second straight day Tuesday because most buildings are not fortified against rocket attacks. The advanced Grad missile that slammed into a school in the port city on the Sabbath, when the building was closed, blasted through fortifications that were in place. Police said the 170-mm rocket was the most powerful that has been used to date.

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