Mar 13, 2009

Have We Elected a King?

PDFBy Hal Lindsey

The Democrat reaction to talk-show host Rush Limbaugh's comment that he hopes President Obama "fails" reminds me of the classic line from the movie "Casablanca."

As Inspector Renault pockets his winnings from the gambling tables, he orders "Rick's Place" closed. When Humphrey Bogart's character, Rick, protests, Renault (Claude Raines) exclaims loudly, "I'm shocked, shocked, to find that gambling is going on in here."

The Democrats are shocked, shocked to find that Rush Limbaugh doesn't want the socialist agenda of the most liberal president in American history to succeed. Shocked, I say!

It isn't that Rush Limbaugh's comments need defending – they don't. America is not a monarchy or a dictatorship. We still have freedom of speech – at least, for the time being. What American president in our history has been above criticism?

America is a constitutional republic, not a socialist democracy. Obama has made no secret of his desire to advance socialist democratic principles. So he and his cohorts should expect vigorous objections from those who know and believe in the U.S. Constitution.

I don't want to see Obama succeed in turning America into a socialist worker's paradise, either. Socialism has been proven wrong in every place it has been tried.

The president is not the State. Wanting Obama to fail is not the same as wanting America to fail. Indeed, from Rush Limbaugh's perspective, it is the equivalent of wanting America to succeed.

The outrage being ginned up by the Democrats is therefore phony on its face. It would be ridiculous to the point of humorous if it weren't so revealing.

First off, it reveals the degree to which many Americans still regard President Obama as "The One." They are evidently incapable of separating what is good for Barack Obama from what is good for America.

It is this group that scares me the most. Barack Obama is not America. He is America's current and temporary leader.

The next president could reverse any or all of Obama's policies as quickly as Obama reversed those of President Bush, which brings us to the second point about this phony outrage.

Entire factions of the Democrat Party not only announced their desire to see President Bush fail, but proclaimed their intention to actively work toward the failure of the Bush presidency.

There was no Bush policy too important to the country to be permitted to succeed, and no price too high to pay if it ensured his failure.

Even though young Americans were spilling their blood on foreign soil to win in Iraq, the phonies at home were arguing for their failure, so long as it meant President Bush's failure.

The Democrats were so effective in convincing the public that it was possible to support the troops while hoping that they lose that they made losing the war part of their campaign strategy. As late as last year, Democrat James Clyburn admitted his fear that a favorable report from Gen. Petraeus about the Iraq war "could be a real problem for Democrats."

In August 2006, just before the mid-term elections that crowned Nancy Pelosi America's first queen, a Fox News Opinion Dynamics Poll asked the question: Would you say you want President Bush to succeed or not?

Ninety percent of Republicans wanted him to succeed. Sixty-three percent of Independents wanted him to succeed. Fifty-one percent of Democrats said they did not. That's a majority. A slim one, but a majority is a majority.

If wanting a presidential agenda to "fail" because you disagree with it is somehow un-American or disloyal, doesn't that make the 51 percent of Democrats in this poll guilty also?

The most frightening thing about this whole Limbaugh smear campaign is how seriously many Americans are taking it. It shows that they must think Barack Obama is America. Seig Hiel!


Have we elected a king? - WorldNetDaily

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