Mar 9, 2009

The EU Has Threatened to Wipe England off of the Map and Create a United Europe

By Jimmy DeYoung

The EU from their Brussels headquarters, is talking about a plan that would wipe England off the map and create a united Europe according to British officials who say the EU has revised a map that would divide up England and create a European superstate via the backdoor.

The plan would actually split England into three sections with additional land from other countries to create traditional regions, an endeavor by the EU to boost trade between the European nations. The EU has already named the three regions and selected the nations that would make up the regions which includes England, France, Ireland, Wales, and parts of Portugal, Spain and Scotland.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As the EU moves ahead with a plan to setup regions in Europe made up of the member states of the EU, the student of Bible prophecy can see better the prophetic scenario found in Bible prophecy for the Last Days.

Over the years, the EU has come to its present membership of 27 different nations. Add to these 27 member states the 17 or 18 new states from the Mediterranean Union that has recently been formed and you have 44 to 45 member states that would make up a future EU, a powerful, political, economic, governmental force in our world. Libya's Colonel Gaddafi said recently this united Europe including the Middle Eastern states looks like the old Roman Empire which is the goal of the EU leaders. Gaddafi is pretty much on target. The ancient borders of the old Roman Empire match the borders of the expanded EU, a step closer to Bible prophecy being fulfilled.

Daniel, the ancient Jewish prophet, in chapters 2 and 7 of his prophecy, wrote 2,500 years ago of the revived Roman Empire as the major player in the Last Days and that would include the 10 toes of Daniel 2 and the 10 horns of Daniel 7.

The potential for regions in the EU, 10 regions as they are calling for, is indeed a scenario found in Bible prophecy for the Last Days.

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