Mar 24, 2009

The Dismantling of Our Nation and the Nature of God

By Bill Wilson

Americans have witnessed the unraveling of their nation in just six months beginning in October 2008 with the passage of the first near-trillion dollar Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and the subsequent passage of another similar near-trillion dollar measure in January 2009. Never before has there been such a power grab by the government on financial institutions that directly relate to every citizen's bank account and nearly every homeowner's mortgage. Using fear to manipulate public opinion, the former Bush Administration and the one that now occupies the Oval Office have accelerated the dismantling of the American way of life.

A well oiled machine this new world order approach has become. Politicians are working in unison to take apart this historical and successful Republic in short order. What the Oval Office can't do by executive order or policy, Congress is doing by legislation. For example, the White House cannot nationalize the financial industry. So Massachusetts Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd writes in the emergency legislation that large bonuses can be paid to executives. When it happens, as in the case with AIG, public outrage sparks immediate action by the man who occupies the Oval Office-who in turn asks Congress to grant the Treasury Secretary unprecedented powers to seize non-bank financial companies.

On the foreign affairs front, sources within the Israeli government are now fearing that the United States is no longer supporting Israel, but instead, is reaching out to radical Islamic nations such as Iran and Syria. Money is being pledged to terrorist groups such as Hamas. Indeed, there have been more friendly overtures to America's tried and true enemies during the past 45 days than in nearly any time in the nation's history. At the same time, allies have been insulted-England was told by certain State Department officials that it was no different than all the other nations of the world, there was no special relationship. And Prime Minister Gordon Brown was snubbed on his recent visit to the White House.

As a patriot, it is difficult to see my nation being destroyed by an enemy from within. As a Christian, I see the hand of protection and blessing provided by Providence being gradually lifted away. God often uses difficult times to press His people into action. And the longer we take, the more difficulties we will experience. The prophet Jeremiah writes in Lamentations 3 that his soul was far removed from peace and he forgot prosperity. Yet he reminds us in verse 22, "It is the Lord of mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not." He exhorts us in verse 40: "Let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the Lord."

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