Mar 20, 2009

The Coming New World Order and the Christian Response

By Bill Wilson

The one world order is at your doorstep, the only question is, 'Who will be the nation that influences it most?' The United States has been under a one world vision since the first Bush presidency. It was accelerated during the time that the Soviet Union and its brand of a global order crumbled under the weight of the Reagan policies that bankrupted the communist regime. During the Clinton years, America gained a greater role in policing the world in places like Bosnia and Somalia. Bush accelerated the one world order with an attempted policy of establishing an American world order with nation building in the Middle East and trade and currency agreements with Mexico, Canada and the European Union.

Following the "big stick" foreign policy of the Bush years, the new American president is extending an olive branch to the Middle East terrorists, trying to publicly sell that there are moderate Taliban and radical Taliban, moderate al Qaeda and radical al Qaeda. Yet looming over the American one world order is the most alluring opportunity to seize control of the world in its entire history-a global financial crisis, whose flames are fanned by a mixture of greed, global opportunity, and fear mongering. All rules of economic capitalism have been suspended in a veiled attempt to save the world economy from imminent ruin-a policy of "wasting no good crisis" to establish a one world order.

Even now there is a competition developing as to who will have the influence over the one world order-there will be monetary influence and political influence. Russia, which continues to build alliances with the aggressive political influences posing as democracies under the theocratic rule of Islam, is beginning to flex its muscle to control both the financial and political if only vicariously through other states. Russia has floated the idea of a worldwide super-reserve currency to replace the dollar as the world standard. It has the support of the economist who created the concept of the Euro for Europe. England's Gordon Brown has called for a one world response to the financial crisis, and he is joined by many more.

In the background is China. China holds over a trillion dollars of American debt and is sending signals that it is increasingly nervous over the policies of the American government. There is both economic pressure and the buildup of political/military tensions around the world. And like in the days of Babel, the people of the world seem to be ready to work together by uniting currencies first, and then military and political strength. As Christians, we have a great alternative to present. In Matthew 10, Jesus instructed His disciples to go to the lost sheep of Israel, "saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand." And in Mark 16:16, Jesus commanded to "go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

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