Mar 2, 2009

The 40 Day Downfall of America

By Bill Wilson

A few days after the presidential election, I believe the Lord impressed upon me to never mention the President's name in a Jot. I am not sure why, I just know that I must be obedient. I sense that the man who now occupies the Oval Office is on a mission. And this mission is related to the plans of God for America. Now that is really a tough pill to swallow for those of us who would never consider that our nation would become part of the one world order, or lead the charge into the latter days. After all, for some four hundred years since the recorded histories of Jamestown and Plymouth, we have been a people blessed by the Lord and a free people-both to worship freely and to conduct business freely.

These things are all changing rather quickly. The first 40 days since the inauguration will have witnessed the undoing of America. Every time the President has announced yet another plan in his economic stimulus toolbox, the stock markets have decline by the triple digits. Unemployment continues to rise rapidly. The government is taking huge ownership positions in major banks and other financial corporations. Policies that controlled abortion have been dismantled. Bills have been passed that will tax Americans on their carbon footprint, add another fifty cents to the price of a gallon of gasoline, do away with tax controls on businesses, which will be passed on to all consumers, and bills are about to be introduced to curb free speech and gun ownership.

Foreign policy is now being conducted by those who have gone abroad and trashed America. Middle East policy is being reversed where a conciliatory message toward Islam is projected at every juncture. Terrorists are being released from prison. The President has told our enemies when we are declaring an end to combat in Iraq. And the enemy can now claim victory since it knows the timetable when the US is withdrawing its troops. Pakistan is falling into the hands of radical Islamists intent on control of its nuclear weapons. Russia is rapidly making a move toward reestablishing its weapons sales and military ties with radical Islamic regimes and Iran is full speed ahead on development of a nuclear weapon.

If someone wanted to rapidly destroy the United States while keeping its resources and historic institutions intact, the past 40 days would be a model plan. It will not be long before this nation is reduced to a shadow of its past greatness-all because of the very quick, cunning, and unwise actions of America's elected officials. The call to the church is immediate and clarion: You must awaken, get back to the gospel, and understand the true mission with which Jesus Christ charged the church. The Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 13:12,

"The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light."