Feb 10, 2009

What President Obama Needs To Understand About Iran

By Joel C. Rosenberg

President Obama last night, in his first White House press conference, said his administration is reviewing U.S. policy towards Iran, but made it crystal clear it will be sharply different than that of the Bush administration. “I think there’s the possibility, at least, of a relationship of mutual respect and progress,” said the President, but added that “it’s time now for Iran to send some signals that it wants to act differently.”

It is certainly prudent to review U.S. policy, but it is wishful thinking to expect signals of a desire from Iran’s leadership that they will act differently. It is critical that the new administration carefully analyzes the eschatology — or End Times theology — of Iranian Supreme Leader Khameini and President Ahmadinejad. It is impossible to develop an effective strategy to deal with Iran until one truly understands this eschatology.

One thing is clear after the press conference: this President has no intention of even seriously considering military action to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and the intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver them to Israel, Europe and the United States.

The big question: who will win Israel’s elections today and emerge as the next Prime Minister of the Jewish State, and will he or she be willing to stop Iran from getting The Bomb, if no one else on the planet is so willing or able?

[Glenn Beck has invited me to come back on the show today to discuss these issues in more depth. Currently, I’m slated to be on at about 5:30pm eastern. Hope you can join us.]

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