Feb 28, 2009

US Will Not Attend Durban II!

By Dr. David Hocking


Calls For U.S.-Led ‘Human Rights Coalition of the Willing’ to Convene Parallel Human Rights Conference!

The Simon Wiesenthal Center commends President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton for their decision not to attend the UN Durban II conference. Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, SWC dean and founder and associate dean, received confirmation during a conference call between senior White House and State Department officials and leaders of major Jewish groups.
“It’s a clear signal to the international community that this Administration refuses to validate the hijacking of human rights by regimes led by Libya and Iran,” the Rabbis said.

“To further isolate the haters, we call on the Administration to forge a ‘human rights coalition of the willing’ led by the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and European Union in tandem with the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and convene a parallel conference on April 21st to openly grapple with racism and discrimination in all its manifestations,” Center officials added.
Wiesenthal Center officials served as spokesmen for Jewish participants at the 2001 Durban I ‘hate-fest’ that took place in Durban South Africa just days before 9/11.

SWC International Relations Director Dr. Shimon Samuels has also attended many Durban II prepcoms manipulated by Libya, Iran and other serial human rights abusers to single out Israel alone for criticism, nix any discussion of Islamist extremism and clear the way for Holocaust deniers to be heard.

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