Feb 18, 2009

Trust in the Lord and Stand on the Land

By Stan Goodenough

Israel’s would-be new leadership – and Israelis as a whole – can continue to duck and dive around the subject, doing everything within their intellectual and political ability to avoid engaging it head on, but it remains the most central of all the issues confronting this nation.

It will not go away. It will keep on bedeviling governments, stymieing prime ministers, grid-locking cabinets, bringing rule to a dead end and repeatedly forcing early elections, until those leaders reach office who are willing to acknowledge and confront the matter, and take the uncompromising stand that will ensure they resolve it.

After 20 years of prime ministers trying every other proffered path – Madrid, Oslo I, Oslo II etc, the Road Map, Annapolis – only to run themselves ragged around the futility of them all, Israel needs a leader who will declare, ‘enough is enough,’ and turn with resolve onto the road all before have been unwilling to tread.

It’s staring them in the face.

Kadima Party chairman Tzipi Livni – whose party was specifically created by Ariel Sharon to facilitate the crime of the “Disengagement” from Gaza – showed us why Monday night.