Feb 25, 2009

Traditional Marriage Disapproved

By Dave Hunt

Nigeria favors traditional marriage, loses funding [Excerpts]

A division of the European Union that deals with "gay" rights has demanded that all foreign aid to Nigeria be suspended after the government voted not to recognize homosexual "marriage."

The Nigerian vote to protect traditional marriage was unanimous. Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel says it is unfortunate the European Union adopted its stance.

"The European Union has certainly been infiltrated by homo-fascists. There's just no doubt about it," he contends. "They are using that body to essentially try to push the international homosexual agenda down the throats of countries that respect traditional values relative to sexual morality."

"We have the Defense of Marriage Act on the books [in the United States]; why aren't they coming after the U.S.? Well, because what bullies do is they pick on someone that is weaker than they are," he notes. "So the European Union is trying to make an example out of Nigeria because they are in a position of influence and power, yet they will not pick the same fight with the United States because they know it would be to no avail."
It is against the religious beliefs of Christians and Muslims in Nigeria to commit homosexual acts.


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