Feb 9, 2009

The German Chancellor Calls On The Pope To Clarify The Vatican's Stance On The Holocaust

By Jimmy DeYoung

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has called on the German-born Pope to make a public statement clarifying the Vatican's stance on the horrific Holocaust in light of the fact that Pope Benedict lifted the excommunication of a bishop who denies that six million Jews were killed. Chancellor Merkel made the rare demand of clarification and initiated the conversation that has been characterized as a common deep concern about a perpetual warning about the Holocaust for all of humanity.

The pope's action had revived strained relations between the Vatican and Jews who have accused the Vatican of not speaking out against the Holocaust during World War II and to do whatever they could to prevent the senseless slaughter of the Jewish people.

Jimmy’s Prophetic Prospective on the News

Concerns over the denial of the holocaust by a Catholic bishop should be a reminder of the worst Holocaust yet to come - according to Bible prophecy.

There have been, over the decades, since the World War II Holocaust under Hitler, a number of prominent deniers that the Holocaust ever happened. Among these Holocaust deniers are the Iranian President Ahmadinejad and the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. In recent days, this has become a controversy in the Catholic Church as the Pope lifted the excommunication of a bishop who has been a Holocaust denier. This motivated the German Chancellor to take action and urge the Pope to clarify the Vatican's stance on the Holocaust.

The evidence of the horrific slaughter of six million Jews during World War II is overwhelming. But let me remind you that there is another Holocaust coming for the Jewish people according to one of the ancient Jewish prophets. This next Holocaust will be the worst that the Jewish people have ever seen and will see the slaughter of eight million Jews. That means that two of every three Jews on the Earth today will be killed and and that number comes from the Jewish prophet Zechariah. In Zechariah 13:8, we see the prophecy of this coming Holocaust.

Holocaust deniers or not, the prophecy of this coming slaughter of the Jewish people cannot be denied. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

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