Feb 12, 2009

Europe Blames Jews for Financial Meltdown

By Nathan Jones

Who does one-third of Europe blame the current world financial crisis on? Is it OPEC manipulating oil prices to drive up their profits to fund Islamic terrorism? Is it greedy banks gambling away peoples' holdings on unsound investments. Is it bungling bureaucrats mismanaging government budgets? Is it each and every person who lives beyond their means?

Nope, you got it — it's the Jew! 31% of Europeans now believe the Jew is responsible for the financial crisis the world is heavily emerged in, according to an Anti-Defamation League survey reported on by Haaretz.com in their February 2, 2009 article titled "Poll: 31% of Europeans blame Jews for global financial crisis" by Natasha Mozgovaya. And, it's not just one or two Jews being blamed, but the entire race has been accused of working towards a new "Jewish world order."

How do those Europeans surveyed suppose the Jewish people are responsible for this mess? Well, they say, it's the "Jews controlling the U.S. government," using their "over-abundance of power in the business world."

We're not talking about only the 53 million Muslims who now inhabit the former continent of Christianity who were polled. Well, maybe in part. Nope, it's the 500 native respondents each from Austria, France, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom that form the wide swath of the European population.

The survey also reports that "58 percent of respondents admitted that their opinion of Jews has worsened due to their criticism of Israel." It's their negative view that "Israel's military and political activities" cause evil and oppression towards the Palestinians that the Jew has fallen out of favor with the modern European. Israel, after all, a third of the European population reasons, shouldn't be allowed to defend their borders or even exist according to this survey.

Certainly, there are some people of Jewish heritage who are the poor debt-managing bankers and bureaucrats and everyday joes. Certainly the Madoff scandal that defrauded so many investors hasn't helped the Jewish image. But, to say that the Jewish people are part of some vast conspiracy to take over the world by tanking its economy is ludicrous!

Such a prejudiced and uninformed blame game on the Jews for this crisis by Europeans (and certainly by many Americans) means that anti-Semitism is indeed quite alive and well in modern times. History has proven that when society begins to privately blame the Jew for their problems, public and violent persecution is not too far behind. Should the financial meltdown worsen, or different crisisses follow, Jewish people will tragically find themselves facing down the wrong end of a loaded weapon.

Behind the Scenes

God, though, uses people's satanically-fueled hatred of the Jew for His own purposes. In Deuteronomy 30:1-9, God promises to return a scattered Jewish people back to their own land and their hearts back to Him, that they may receive blessings and God can finally fulfill His promises to the whole world. Satan wants God's promises never to happen and so seeks to obliterate the Jewish race — the prophetic conduit of those blessings. God is using the persecution to force the Jew like He did from Russia, out of Europe and eventually North America and back into the nation of Israel. The Jewish people will finish being gathered into a nation and the ultimate fulfillment of God's plan will commence.